week in this bear's life: a belated wrap-up

I realized something while doing the "Week in the Life" project this year - how I document my daily life has changed since I first participated (in 2010).  Perhaps even because of my participation.  I feel like my brain and heart are so much more aware of the little bits and pieces that make up daily life now - that I'm much more likely to reach for my camera to take a picture or grab a pen to jot down something I want to remember.

So in some ways, completing this year's "Week in the Life" felt almost constrictive.  I found myself wondering on multiple occasions, "Am I documenting this particular moment/item/thought because I want to? Or because I feel like I need to?"  Early in the week, I even made the decision to stop keeping a journal throughout the day (which has typically felt fun and reflective)...mainly because it was a pretty stressful week, and I felt like I was doing a lot of venting and very little documenting.

In fact, looking back, I probably should have just not participated.  I was already doing a monthlong photo challenge, and "Week in the Life" coincided with the last week of classes (always a hectic week).  I felt too much pressure, which meant I wasn't enjoying it.

Not sure if I will even create any pages from this year's week...but at least I can be happy I finished the week, one day at a time:

Monday, 23 April
Tuesday, 24 April
Wednesday, 25 April
Thursday, 26 April
Friday, 27 April
Saturday, 28 April
Sunday, 29 April

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: (nothing at the moment)


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