week in this bear's life: wednesday

 ("Is it time for our morning snuggles?")

(Okay, so it's not the healthiest breakfast...but it's better than it could be.)
(Yay for the return of warmer Springtime weather!)
(I was excited to wear my awesome black gladiator sandals for the first time this year.)
(A quick trip to the library was in order - to make copies of recipes before returning a cookbook, and to check out more CD's.)
(I also stopped by the post office to get a sheet of these lovely Cherry Blossom Centennial stamps.)
(While I was waiting for lunch to finish cooking, I put Easter away.)
(A french bread pizza - tasty!)
(I was so happy to start reading this book.)
 (Wednesday afternoon was full of paperwork.)

(This awesome "best of" video from BBC provided a nice break.)
(I have only 36 emails in my Inbox - woo-hoo!)
(Never mind that I'm home...he's trying to figure out how to take a walk down the hallway.)
(Dinner was a delicious "meat" sauce over shell pasta with a Caesar salad on the side.) 

(But before we ate, we paused for the blessing.  I love that we do this!)

(And after the blessing, there's always a kiss.)

(While we ate dinner, we watched the new version of a classic.  Ehhh.)

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielson


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