week in this bear's life: friday

 (Yay!  It's Friday!)

 (To celebrate a colleague's birthday, I made the vanilla doughnuts that I still haven't gotten to write about...it's coming, I promise!)

 (There was a beautiful plot of pansies in a central crossroads on campus - which remind me, as pansies always do, of the animated version of "Alice in Wonderland.")

 (It was just chilly enough today that, when I stopped to get a drink at the local coffee shop, I opted for a hot chocolate - complete with frothy bubbles.)

(I spent the afternoon working on forms and paperwork - especially getting a head start on the staff evaluations that I'll be discussing with my students next week.)
 (After wearing flipflops all day, I decided to change into heels for date night with Wildcat Guy.  This is the first time I've tried the heels and leggings combo - it worked.)

 (This was a lovely mug at the Christian bookstore.)

 (Such a sweet children's book!  The art was so pretty.)

(I had such a nice time walking around the shopping center with my love on a pleasant evening.)
(What to eat for dinner??  Wildcat Guy and I both weren't too sure...until we remembered Chick-fil-a.  Because chicken nuggets and sweet tea are always a good choice.)
(How is it that we've been together for over two years, and I've never seen him eat his fries and ketchup like this?!)
(We almost got milkshakes at Chick-fil-a for dessert...but we couldn't pass up Orange Leaf.)
(Once we got home, we relaxed on the couch for a little bit before he had to go to work.  While he watched some TV, I started flipping through - and marking recipes in - my new cookbook.  There may have also been some reading out loud as I tried to share the humor and yummy ideas with him.)
 (Once he left for work, I updated my monthly budget.)

(Hello, sweet kitty!  He looks like he had such a long day, doesn't he?)
(I couldn't put this book down - so I indulged in some late-night reading in bed.)
(Gru, though - he was ready to go to sleep!)

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: almost done with Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson


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