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insist: the summer bucket list

Happy first day of summer! I hear it's also International Day of Yoga (namaste!), and National Wear Your Lilly Day (cheers!).

I'd been seeing this Summer Bucket List concept in various places on social media; so I decided this season to join in. Because why not?! Making a list of fun stuff to do during the awesome season of summer seemed like a good way to INSIST on making the most of the next few months.

For the record, my "summer" runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, which means I have a bit of a headstart on this list; but there is still plenty to be done in the next couple of months:
Stand-up paddleboardingGet a tanRead 10 new books (or more)Scrapbooking...LOTS & LOTS of scrapbooking (maybe even finish 2010-2011 album?)Go to a concert at the zoo.Lose weightSee the fireworks on 4 July.Make sweet tea more often! (like, every week!)Keep studying the BibleSightsee in Forth Worth Get ice cream at Ray's...and other local places?Monthly visits to Eastern MarketK…

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