Friday, October 31, 2014

what feels good today

You know those days when things just seem to come together? When life and sense and wi$dom and maybe a little bit of luck all make sense in small, satisfying ways? Today was one of those days... 

Realizing that I still can enjoy a kind-of-new wardrobe with the change of season that means putting away beloved t-shirts to bring out my favorite sweaters, even though I made a wi$e decision to wait to buy new clothes until I finish the three-week weight loss effort I'm about to start (and possibly continue long-term).

Being confident in my decision over the past months to worry less about doing my hair, and be more content with something simpler that uses fewer products and much less energy.

Feeling so grateful that craft supplies I thought were stored at Mom and Dad's in Kentucky were actually in one of the boxes in our storage room, which means I don't have to replace them here for a pending craft project.

...a few small graces that have made today more rewarding.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

this week was good because of...

...having a lovely reason to use the word "gaggle" on Sunday morning.

...not one, but two movies over the weekend. One I really liked, and the

...following the lure of the Hot Now sign.

...the tasty artichoke bread I made to go with a salad and tomato soup.

...working at a campus that offers free nutrition consultations (even if I am a bit hesitant about the awesome, but different meal plan she designed).

...this awesome reflection from Michael Keaton. "Okay, fine."

...the opportunity to play in Excel. And by play, I mean learn how to format complex formulas using logic. (In a week of various challenges, my threshold for satisfaction becomes incredibly simple to meet.)

...treating myself to the add-on thirty-minute foot massage when I got a pedicure. Ahhhhhhh.

...plenty of home cooking.

What made your week good?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

this week was good because of...

...time spent with Wildcat Guy and Team Vintage Blonde.

...braving the chill and wind to do some sightseeing.

...weekend naps.

...the beautiful - beautiful! - autumn colors that are showing themselves around here.

...the autumn colors. Okay, I already mentioned them - but this view on campus, first seen while running an errand in another building, was so pretty that I made a second trip out to the quad with my camera just to capture it.

...the success of pulling off a challenging event at work - one that required finesse, patience and pure persistence.

...a mostly straightforward week of catch-up (and being kind to myself in navigating a few complicated details).

...a movie date with my love to see a long-anticipated film (even if it was just okay).

...opportunities to have genuine conversations with students - be they moments of serious discussion or fun and laughter.

...the Halloween decorations I put out this afternoon - including a basket of these delicious treats!

...this awesome perspective on "old-fashioned" (or analog, as it's called) record-keeping, including a few helpful hints to help me refine my own priority management.

What made your week good?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

these two weeks were good because of...

...the truly delightful anniversary vacation we took, with a weekend stop at home before five luxurious days away in the Shenandoah mountains.

...being in the stadium for an unbelievable football game!

...picking up a whole bunch of our favorite beverage. amazing anniversary dinner at a restaurant that prides itself on local sourcing. (There is definitely an entire story about this dinner on its way.)

...the thoughtful, lovely anniversary gift my love made. (Yes, made.)

...the laidback, relaxing day we had on our actual anniversary.

...the timeshare my parents let us use for our getaway.

...picking out pumpkins for Halloween carving. (And yes, he did bring this 36-pounder home!)

...our ability to roll with the weather and make the most of our vacation.

...the fun sightseeing we got to do (and having a partner who enjoys sightseeing like I do).

...the anniversary cake we were able to pick up.

...letting myself really be on vacation when it came to treats good eats.

...letting myself really be on vacation when it came to email and work.

...his patience (and amusement) with my picture-taking.

...the beautiful autumn colors we got see in the mountains.

...celebrating a birthday in there, as well. (I may have some thoughts to share on that, too.)

...chances to see friends and former colleagues.

...just the right words to express how Sundays do and could feel.

What made your week good?

Monday, September 29, 2014

torn out: from in style

 (Oh, Fall issue, how I love you! You know an issue will have a lot of good stuff to browse through when the magazine is so thick it doesn't fit in your mailbox or stay confined in its rubber band.)

(Of course, it's even better when a favorite actress is on the cover.)

(I like this quote about featuring a person who "consistently leads a life of grace and elegance." What a lovely way to describe life...maybe even something to strive for?)

(Sometimes I like the ads for their slogans...even as I recognize the irony.)

(This tote. Beautiful and perfect in its simplicity!)

(This blue bag was pretty eye-catching, too...minus the cross-body strap.)

(Again, the ad. Not a fan of the product, but this copy is delightfully inspiring. Awesomely phrased.)

(I've been wanting another pair of oxford-esque heels. After really liking the Clarks heels my mother-in-law got me for Christmas, these are a possibility.)

(Pants = gorgeous. I will always like a good wide-leg pant.)

(I've been very proud of myself for not buying new shoes. But then I see pumps like this, and the temptation is strong!)

(Seriously. This quote from the magazine's interview with their cover star - about her response to "how do you do it all?" - is spot on. Way to keep it real, classy lady.)

(I also like this quote from actress Charlotte Le Bon. It reminds me that love is a powerful and positive emotion.)

Source - September 2014 issue of InStyle magazine

Sunday, September 28, 2014

this week was good because of...

...a visit to a local cider mill with my love and our friends.

...small moments that added up to a great weekend.

...cinnamon sugar doughnuts and fresh apple cider.

...a good yoga practice on Wednesday evening that felt simultaneously challenging and soothing.

...finishing the Book of Proverbs.

...the opportunity to have genuine conversations with my students. peaceful Gru looks snoozing in the sunshine.

...laughter and conversation while we watch the season premiere of a favorite show.

...the gorgeous, vibrant colors that are spreading across the trees here.

...preparations for our upcoming vacation.

...the way my rings sparkle in the sunshine after they've been cleaned.

...a pumpkin pie smoothie from the campus cafe.

...the rewarding feeling of how well this month's budget has gone.

What made your week good?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

this week was good because of...

...the first sighting of Honeycrisp apples in the grocery store!

...a supervisor who understands that sometimes, going home early is the most productive choice one can make, especially on a frustrating, tiring day.

...the experience of showing grace and kindness to myself in the midst of personal challenge.

...a going-away celebration for dear friends.

...enjoying a Michigan Honeycrisp apple with a local Michigan caramel sauce.

...the patience to stick with the yoga classes available at the Rec Center (taught in a style I find frustrating), and the recognition of the learning value of this experience.

...homemade chicken tortilla soup.

...another football win for my team!

...the realization that, even with winter on its way, I genuinely like living in the Detroit area. (To paraphrase this mirror quote, it has definitely started to move me!)

...the opportunity to complete Safe Space training.

...that moment when the barista at my local Starbucks cafe asks if I've been there before. (I only go once a week...but that is apparently enough.)