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my day in the life

I almost didn't participate in Ali Edwards' most recent Day in the Life. I just recently started a new job, and I'm still getting settled into a daily routine (and our new home!). Then I realized that was exactly why I should document the capture these new routines, and the unfolding of this new moment in life. Without further ado, here is what Thursday, 15 March 2018, was like.

5:13 am...I start my day with the First 5 Bible devotion. We're in the first week of a new study about the minor prophets, and I'm curious to read some of these books I've previously only flipped over.

5:42 am...Following my devotion, I sit in meditation using the Insight Timer app. Since starting my new job, I have been steadfast in completing both my devotion and meditation; and that consistency is a blessing to the day's beginning.

5:43 am...As I walk from the living room to the bathroom, I pause to change the date on my perpetual calendar. (And yes, we still have a heal…

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