Sunday, December 21, 2014

this week was good because of... first time Painting with a Twist...but hopefully not my last.

...the reminder that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. absolutely stunning performance by the worship team at church of a holiday adaptation of a favorite song.

...delicious pomegranate martinis and plenty of good eats at my office's Christmas party. work inbox getting smaller and smaller.

...all the check-offs that are happening on my "before winter break starts" to-do list.

...putting up a Christmas tree for the first time in our relationship.

...getting the last of the Christmas shopping done.

...even Gru enjoying the tree (and thankfully ignoring the ornaments).

...the always-appreciated annual dividend from my insurance company. first (ha!) package from Ali Edwards' new product line.

...the gift of time to myself - to relax, watch movies on TV, and just be.

...a successful inaugural attempt at making spaghetti squash.

...the interesting news about Cuban-American political relations.

What made your week good?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

this week was good because of...

...a partner who is willing to be my guinea pig for photography projects.

...picking out our 2014 Christmas ornament.

...the first holiday cards in our mailbox (and the delivery of our awesome Michigan-themed Christmas cards).

...decorating our little place for Christmas.

...the opportunity to see an advance screening of a good adaptation.

...the holiday lights at the Zoo. football team going to a bowl game.

...low gas prices. My monthly budget certainly likes them.

...successfully remembering how to make pie charts and bar graphs in Excel.

...working in an office that not only appreciates but celebrates creativity.

...a supervisor who encourages personal wellness...and the two-hour nap on Thursday afternoon that I was able to indulge in at home as a result.

...the little things my love does to spoil me (like making my breakfast on a weekend morning, or going to get my favorite drink from Starbucks while I get other things done).

What made your week good? I would love to read your comments...

Monday, December 01, 2014

this week was good because of...

...time spent with family and friends over the Thanksgiving break.

...visiting Shaker Village even briefly for some holiday photos with Wildcat Guy's family. successful first attempt at cooking a turkey breast.

...early dismissal from work on Wednesday.

...the extra time I had on Wednesday evening as a result, which meant I could watch a favorite movie on Netflix.

...the beautiful sunsets we saw while traveling.

...this lovely quote by John Kralik - "Gratitude is a pathway to the peace that we all seek in life."

...truly lovely conversations about the future.

...travels that were safe (even though they were often slow, as well). projects at work.

...laughing and playing with Faithful Blonde's two children.

...continuing to find ways to eat more healthily. (What?! Sloppy joe sweet potato fries are healthier than sloppy joes on a bun, right?)

...the National Dog Show.

...the unfortunate news that Girl Scout cookies will be sold online this year.

What made your week good?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

a reflection

This month, the staff of the campus counseling center are hosting a 21-day gratitude challenge. Each morning, a new reflection arrives in my inbox - posing a question to think about, with interesting, touching or otherwise lovely addendums for inspiration.

One of the most recent reflections asked:

"when has nature taken your breath away?"

Instantly, I thought of this place in Luray Caverns that we visited on our vacation last month. I could have stood there all afternoon, mesmerized by the simple visual magic created when a shallow pool of water forms underneath a ceiling filled with stalactites and sits undisturbed by any air.

This is absolutely a moment of nature at its finest.

Tell me - when has nature taken your breath away?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

snow grateful

(written from notes in my planner last Wednesday, after a day of steady snow)

To have a steady wintry snow like this in mid-November, I am grateful...

...that I honored my instinct to stop for gas on Tuesday night, when I didn't quite need to, so that I could drive straight home from work on this night.

...that I have a simple commute almost entirely on main roads that are kept clear by the public services and the regular traffic.

...that I was able to park safely in my covered parking space using my rudimentary snow-driving skills, even though the parking lot itself had not been cleared.

If all of my winter travel this year can be so straightforward, I will consider myself fortunate.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

this week was good because of... travels in the snowy weather...and my covered parking space.

...this lovely thought by Hannah Brencher: "Be unafraid of your heart: whatever and whoever makes it beat."

...the best avocado I've had in a long time. It was perfect in every way.

...feeling strong in yoga, especially in poses I haven't always before.

...a tasty sub from a local place we've been hearing lots about.

...wonderful first birthday celebrations for Vintage Blonde's daughter.

...a visit to the slightly overwhelming Christmas Wonderland.

...the spot-on decision to skip the locally renowned chicken place to have dinner at the brewery.

...delicious cupcakes from a prize-winning bakery. (So far, we can confirm that the German chocolate and the French toast cupcakes are awesome.)

...surviving difficult, emotional conversations.

What made your week good?

Sunday, November 09, 2014

this week was good because of...

...beautiful sunrises (morning commutes in the daylight are lovely!). of my favorite worship songs on the radio Wednesday morning.

...a Sunday spent with my love. It was low-key, relaxing and perfect!

...a full moon setting - another lovely sight as I left one morning.

...conversations with students that aren't always positive, but still feel genuine and rewarding.

...a delicious shrimp boil for dinner.

...the sense of accomplishment after my first full week on this new meal plan (the story of which I still need to share).

...getting started on a special scrapbooking project.

...finally carving our Halloween pumpkins from Virginia. (Doesn't Gru look thrilled by my portrait of him, including the snaggletooth?)

...seeing some good movies - either on DVD or in the theater.

Also, there were a few that I forgot to mention last week... football team being bowl eligible!

...successfully navigating alternate routes around town.

...the song, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," at church last Sunday.
What made your week good?