Sunday, April 20, 2014

this week was good because of...

...the opportunity to celebrate Easter at church.

...a delicious breakfast casserole for Easter lunch.

...the delightful basket of treats that Wildcat Guy assembled in my Easter basket.

...a supervisor who encourages my professional development.

...spending time this afternoon relaxing in the sunshine.

...progress on major projects at work.


...a yoga class that flowed and challenged in all the right ways.

...a tasty steak dinner with a melt-in-your mouth sauce.

...finding a balance in the evenings between relaxing and getting things done.

...the fun of watching Gru and Wildcat Guy play. finds in the dollar section at Michael's. afternoon of errands and shopping with my love. awesome breakfast place down the street from our house.

What made your week good?

What I'm reading: Zoo by James Patterson

Monday, April 14, 2014

torn out: from in style

 (The color issue is always interesting...)

(This dress makes me wish for a lovely occasion.)
(It was neat to find out why cocktail rings are called that.)
(I told Wildcat Guy that his team's shade of blue was in style this season - to which he responded, "It's always in style." My bad.)
(This dress - by Baja East - is super fun and something I would love to wear all summer.)
(I thought this list of distinctions was useful.)
(Such pretty colors - and I like that this company is making healthier polishes.)
(This is why I like Target - fun pieces like this dress and this shirt.)
(This shirt is pretty great, too...and yes, I realize the irony that, in the color issue, so much of what I liked was in neutrals or black and white.)

Source: the April 2014 issue of InStyle

Sunday, April 13, 2014

this week was good because of...

...wearing sandals for the first time this year.

...a pretty day for a walk to the library.

...practicing yoga that is both enjoyable and challenging.

...the lime cake with strawberries that I made for the office potluck lunch.

...trying a church to see if it would be a good fit for us.

...the summer movie list from Entertainment Weekly.

...a fun game of Monopoly on Saturday night (including a fluffy partner for me).

...our six-month wedding anniversary.

...candid conversations with students.

...a chocolate smoothie for an afternoon treat.

...slowly broadening my circle of solid colleague relationships.

What made your week good?

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

two-page tuesday: making some cards

(As I've settled into the new rhythms of my work and home lives, I don't know that I'll be doing much scrapbooking on Tuesday nights. So I'll be using the "Two-page Tuesday" space to show what I'm doing when I get to do it...)

Sunday afternoon, my goal was cards: birthday cards, Easter cards and an anniversary card, all from whatever I could find in my stash of supplies.

This is for a friend's son. Maybe not the most masculine card, or the most kid-oriented...but I was pleased with how it turned out.

This was for the same friend's daughter. Yep, her children's birthdays are only two days apart...well, five years and two days, to be exact.

Sometimes a card just needs a few brads...for no reason other than it feels right to add them.

Yes. That looks good.

Funny story about this - I realized that the only time I seem to pull out the Creative Memories wavy trimmer is at Easter. It makes such great Easter egg waves!

It's not always easy for me to put cards together from scraps...but on this particular afternoon, things felt like they were flowing smoothly.

It helps when I know how much the people I'm making the cards for will appreciate them...

...and when I take a moment to appreciate how much I enjoy showing my love in this way.

Monday, April 07, 2014

torn out: from skinnygirl solutions

(I really like Bethenny Frankel as a personality, and have enjoyed some of her other books; so I was interested to see what solutions and insights this latest book would have to offer.)
 (One thing that did feel a bit odd about the book was the regular mention of the various products from her Skinnygirl line...and yet I appreciated her candor in saying, "I had a problem, so I developed something to solve it." Like this yoga DVD...definitely interested in trying it.)

 (I appreciate two of these three poses. The third routinely kicks my behind.)

 (Mmm. This sounds like a tasty warm-weather beverage...or maybe something to drink as I dream of warmer weather.)

(This sounds creative and delicious!)
(Arnold Palmers are something I'd only really heard of - or, I guess, noticed - here in Michigan; but I've since learned they're quite popular across the country. This adult version is tempting.)
(This philosophy says so much about why I like her and relate to a lot of what she says. She wants things to be uncomplicated, and she expects the best from herself and those around her. Yes.)
("You are also...the manager of yourself." - Again, yes. This is why I spend time journaling and crafting my calendar and worrying about the little details.)
 ("if I was ready to leave" - sometimes, you have to admit that you'll never be ready to leave. You just decide to do it and trust yourself to make good next steps.)

(The last three or four excerpts were all in the last part of the book - so I guess you could say that was the part I found most significant...or perhaps inspirational is the better word.)
(And tucked in amongst the candor and bold personality were sweet drawings of her and her this adorable portrait of her doggie.)

Source: Skinnygirl Solutions, by Bethenny Frankel with Eve Adamson

Sunday, April 06, 2014

this week was good because of... mild enough to open the windows (and the melody of the blinds blowing in the breeze).

...a Sunday at home - making cards, getting chores done, cooking - you know, the simple pleasures.

...making grilled cheese sandwiches from the asiago black pepper bread from Whole Foods. Yum, yum!

...the difficult realization that I have some emotional work to do.

...time spent thinking about how I want to direct my creative energies.

...working through a stack of financial paperwork on a slow Friday afternoon.

...a supervisor who is helping me navigate the politics and intricacies of my new professional community with professional, yet candid feedback.

...our excursion to the Detroit Institute of Arts.

...the fun of listening to Canadian radio stations on my commute.

...using our immersion blender (a wedding present from Faithful Blonde) for the very first time to make a savory, satisfying butternut squash soup.

What made your week good?

Saturday, April 05, 2014

seeing the sights: detroit institute of the arts

(in the beautiful Great Hall)

One of the things Wildcat Guy and I decided after moving to Michigan was that we wanted to make a conscious effort to see and do things in the area - that, if we were going to say that one of the benefits to living in a more urban area was having more activities and fun opportunities available, we needed to actually take advantage of that circumstance.

Today, we went on our first adventure - to the Detroit Institute of Arts, which is hosting a special exhibit about samurai culture that I really wanted to see. Not only was the exhibit great, but it was awesome to see the museum as a whole. The modern wing seems to be the most extensive, but even in the smallest exhibits, there were things to grab our interest. It made for a rewarding first outing to explore our new home area.