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One of the things that makes summer feel like summer for me is hanging out at the pool, especially when I'm living away from the I was thrilled when the apartment pool opened back in early June!

I was also excited about my new bathing suit. I had been wearing the same okay tankini for a number of years - at least five or six, I think? - and quite simply, I was tired of it. So in the spirit of my 2017 word, I INSISTed on treating myself to a new suit that I would love, even though I consider swimsuits to be just about the worst thing to shop for. Many stores later, I found a lovely bikini top that fit so beautifully I was comfortable splurging, and a fun budget-friendly bottom in my favorite print (thank you, Target!).

And yes, I am that girl who carries a basket out to the pool...mainly because I like to settle in once I'm out there, but also because it gives my things a place to be instead of them baking in the heat on the concrete. On a typical pool day, that de…

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