week in this bear's life: saturday

 (Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal and a mug of OJ...perfect.)

 (I wavered for a moment, knowing there were other things I wanted to try to get done today, but with the sun shining brightly, going hiking was something I couldn't pass up.)

(No matter how often I go hiking, I always take a camera with me.  Today, this was one of my favorite pictures.)
(Such a peaceful time reading a good book and relaxing in the shade!)
(Hello!  I had never seen such a lizard in this forest - but today, I saw two of them!  This one was quite brave, letting me bring the camera within about a foot of him.)

(For a day of errands and relaxing, I went for a simple, comfy look.)
(My plan for the day also included stopping at Starbucks for some journaling and quiet time.)
(After getting Wildcat Guy's thumbs-up on the dish samples I got last weekend, I headed back to Target to get a full set of the dishes.  I was happy to get them, and proud of myself for successfully resisting the temptation of the shoe aisle this time.)

 (I stopped by my favorite used book store to look for a couple of things.)

 (Picking wines for our wedding is going to be difficult with so many choices.)

 (It was uplifting to hear one of my favorite Christian songs on the radio.)

 (My time at Starbucks was amazing!  I got to add a bunch of clippings and articles to my journal, and I had the opportunity to collect some thoughts into one cohesive reflection that felt like a much-needed smack upside the head.)

 (I had to laugh, though, when I realized that I seem to have a recurring design preference.  The purple on the left is on my journal, and the black on the right is on my zippered pen case.)

(Dinnertime for kitty...)
(...and dinnertime for me - a chef salad and a tuna sandwich.)
(A-ha!  Wildcat Guy and I have talked often about how, exactly, the contestants on Iron Chef could seem to compile a menu so quickly; so it was neat to read how it actually happens.)
(The only problem with inspiration and motivation is that it sometimes strikes late at night - as was the case with my desire to reorganize the basket and associated piles of stuff that find a home on my kitchen island counter.  But I was pleased with the rearrangement.)

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: May 2012 issue of Kentucky Monthly


Cheryl M said…
I really enjoyed reading your post for today. It sounds ideal.
Lee said…
Thank you! It certainly was a wonderful Saturday...the kind of day when I got a lot done - but that included relaxing! =)

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