week in this bear's life: tuesday

 ("Mama Bear, would you please put some food in my dish??")

 (It's been a while since I've used my "good" camera...but for the banquet, I wanted to have it.)

(Usually, one of the first things I do in the morning is open the blinds.  Today, I didn't bother, since - except for a quick stop at home to change for the banquet - it'd be dark before I was home.)
(A little before and after - as in, before the straight iron on the right, and after on the left.)

(Another chilly day...another sweater.)
(This morning's tea was Constant Comment - this is definitely a soothing one.)
(Ahh, incident reports - we meet again.  We had quite a few student conduct cases to consider!)
(It was fun to find these two magazines in my mailbox this afternoon.)
(I was happy to have the chance to wear this necklace again!)
(After spending 5.5 hours in heels, sliding on my slippers when I got home felt heavenly.)
(The power button on my personal laptop is getting old enough that I have to resort to creative measures to turn the laptop on.)
(I found this CD at the library and really enjoyed it!)
(Is it strange that I was using both of my laptops at once??)
(The one chore I knew had to be done tonight was washing the stack of pans...check!)

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Mary Engelbreit's Dining Out Cookbook


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