week in this bear's life: thursday

 (I am so glad I bought this shirt...it makes me happy every time I wear it.)

 (Also making me happy?  These lovely new sandals that I bought on Sunday.)

(And yet another thing making me happy? A big morning hug and kiss from Wildcat Guy.)
(Today felt a bit haphazard in the office - getting emails taken care of, reading professional development materials, etc.)
(Wait, what?!?!  Lady Antebellum's doing a benefit concert in Louisville?  Yes, please!)
(It's always interesting to see how students respond to the semesterly end of visitation.)
(I made it home just before the storm started. Phew!)
 (Sigh.  Try as I might, I could not get this week's Bible verse memorized.)

(Colbie Caillat's CD provided a mellow soundtrack for baking.)
(A spare set of bathroom accessories were taking up drawer space, so after asking Wildcat Guy if he even liked them - because what's the point of keeping them if he didn't? - I boxed them up to store somewhere else...like the back of a cupboard.)
(Every week, someone makes a dessert to share at our small-group study.  This week, it was homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  Delicious!)
(Then, once we got home, I made soft tacos - always a good choice when I need something quick and simple for dinner.)

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielson


Catt Larson said…
Loving the new shoes!
Lee said…
Muchas gracias!! I have a special shoe post planned for over the weekend...I think you'll like it. =)
Catt Larson said…
a shoe post?? That sounds wonderful! Maybe even better than a food blog. No, wait. Yes, no... ugh I can't decide
Lee said…
Yep, a shoe post. =)

Reason #890465976 why I don't commit to a full-on food blog...it's too much fun having what I consider my lifestyle blog. =)

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