week in this bear's life: sunday

 (It was wonderful to wake up to another sunny morning!)
(I can't say I love this black cherry juice - but it's a nice "something different" from the grape juice I normally get.)
(The first time I bought this magazine, it felt like a source for general ideas.  Now that we'll be getting married in Kentucky, it's become a much more valuable resource.)
(This was super-cool - a "groomsmaid" in a fun interpretation of the rest of the groomsmen's outfit.)
(Tank top, knit pants and a bun - today was much more function than it was style.)
(One of my favorite things about Sundays is having him here for the whole day.)
(Two loads of laundry?  Check!)
(Dusting the living room windowsills to reorganize some stuff?  Check!)
(Rearranging my "shelf" of cookbooks?  Check!)

 (And yes, I do have an entire basket of cookbooks and magazines from Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade collection.)

(A tuna sandwich with sweet potato and beet chips for lunch - yum!)
(After lunch, I spent a couple of hours on the back lawn getting things done...working on my small-group study, starting my grocery list, crafting an updated version of my chore and task list for the summer...it was productive, but oh so enjoyable to be working in the sunshine.)
(Wildcat Guy was hungry when he woke up, so we headed over to Sonic for a snack.  We were in awe of the enormous list of shakes they're offering for the summer!)
(enjoying his pineapple upside down cake milkshake and singing along to the music)
(Wildcat Guy had brought a tennis ball over to see what Gru would think.  He didn't really know what to do with it.)
(I have such a long grocery list for tomorrow - eek!)
(Really?  That's comfortable??)
(Apparently not quite comfortable enough - a twist of the upper body was necessary, too.)
(I'm having fun exploring variations on classics like french fries - such as zucchini fries crusted with crouton crumbs and Parmesan cheese.)

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: (nothing)


Catt Larson said…
A Kentucky wedding, huh? When do we get to know more?
Lee said…
Soon...promise! =)

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