week in this bear's life: monday

(Apologies for a few of the pictures which uploaded in the wrong orientation...if you turn your head to the side, they look great!)

(the Monday morning weigh-in...with a number that's staying pretty consistent)

(oatmeal and orange juice...a breakfast I always enjoy)

(finishing unpacking my cosmetics case from the weekend's trip)

(sigh...making the best with the compact I ruined last month)

(what I wish I could do more of this morning...so jealous of my kitty cat!)

(Am I really wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a sweater??  Yes, I am.   Brr.)

(I thought this was such a wonderful sentiment - in a cookbook, of all places!)

(On a cold morning like this morning, a mug of hot tea was the perfect beverage to take to work.)

(I was so excited to pick up my special order from the book store!  I wanted to dive right into both!)

(Today felt like a "wear heels to work" kind of day.)

(Lunch with a colleague was delightful - Wisconsin cheddar soup and a Caesar salad.)

(After a hectic afternoon in the office, a walk in the woods was the perfect release.)

(Writing my grocery list, I decided my cookbook collection is a bit eclectic and contradictory.)

(Sunday, I found these teal dot-rimmed dishes at Target - they are a fun match for my china!)

(It was cheering to see these bright red gerbera daisies at the grocery store!)

(I treated myself to a cup of hot chocolate while I shopped.)

(Today wasn't a big shopping day - but I got some good stuff for the week ahead.)

(Sorting through a box, I found a new toy for Gru.  He seemed to enjoy playing with it...)

(...but he seemed to enjoy lounging on the floor just as much.)

(While cleaning out a drawer of picture frames, I had to smile when I came across these photos of a dear college friend.  We look so young!)

(I'm really enjoying our small group study - even thought the five-days-a-week commitment is still a challenge to fit in.)

(I was very excited to receive my federal tax refund today!)

(Sigh - I am really struggling to figure out what to wear to our department's banquet tomorrow.)

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Mary Engelbreit's Dining Out Cookbook


Catt Larson said…
I truly am so thrilled that you use your cosmetic bag! I put so much thought into trying to choose a gift that y'all could actually use. To know that most of you still do, 5 years later?! Awesome
Lee said…
Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one who still uses mine. I have to admit - one of the few things that makes me sad about getting married and changing my last name (this time, to a different initial altogether) is having to replace my cosmetics bag. It's the perfect size with all the right pockets. =)

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