"smoky" honey sesame chicken...oops

Last month, as I was collecting recipes for Mom's honey cookbook, there was one sounded so simple and tasty that I couldn't resist making a copy of the recipe for myself.  Sunday night, I finally gave it a try.

As I was opening the package of chicken, I had a moment of panic when I realized that I had forgotten to half the recipe (because I have the small crockpot)...but when the chicken fit perfectly in the bottom, I realized I didn't need to do any reductions at all.  Yay!

Something else I liked about this recipe was that, besides the chicken (which I buy on an as-needed basis), all of the ingredients are things I typically have on hand (including diced onions, which I forgot to put in the picture).

Mix it all together, pour it over the chicken, put the lid on and let it cook. 

The recipe says to cut the chicken into bite-size pieces...but honestly?  It was so tender by then that "cutting" turned into "shredding"...not that I was complaining.  Shredded meat works just as well!

Served over rice, it looked perfect.  But I wish I'd read the comments on the original recipe before I made it...because if I had, I would have realized that I should definitely check on it at 3 hours (instead of just letting it cook for almost 4)...and then I'd have been able to avoid the sauce burning.  The flavors were still there, and I liked them, but the smoky burnt flavor was so strong that it quickly overpowered the other flavors in each bite.  Ooops.

Another reason to avoid burning the sauce?  To save myself the trouble of scrubbing the residue out of my crock pot dish.  Thankfully, I got all but the lightest stain out.

I absolutely want to try this recipe again...but with a closer eye on the cooking time.  Because as delicious as this smelled while it was cooking, I really want to taste it as it should be - not smoky.

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Darcy said…
Sometimes that little tinge of blackened sauce really adds to the flavor! Not that I know from experience... :P
Lee said…
When it's a "little tinge," I totally agree with you. It can enhance the flavor. This was a "big tinge" of blackened, though...so that became the flavor. Guess I'll just have to make it again to get ir right. =)

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