something bee-utiful for mom

A couple of months ago, Mom and Dad became beekeepers.  As in, they now have their very own beehive.  It's something they've been working toward for a little while, and Mom is really enjoying the work of establishing a healthy colony.  But Dad and I?  We are enjoying making as many bee-related jokes as we can.  Thankfully, she's taking it all in stride.

For Mother's Day, though, I couldn't resist a more heartfelt approach to acknowledging her beekeeping work.  It started with this simple card, which included an inscription inside thanking her for "bee-ing a wonderful mom."

And to go with the card, I created a small cookbook of recipes that I or my friends have tried and liked.  (That stipulation meant fewer recipes than I would have liked, but it was important to me that the recipes in this book be ones that I knew were good.)

That's right - I went cute with the title...but given how much I love Winnie the Pooh, it also felt appropriate.  I even found the perfect excerpt for the title page!

I was really happy with the simple design on each page.  On a few of the pages, I was also able to include photographs I've taken of certain recipes.

And because I hope Mom will have recipes of her own to include (not to mention that I plan to keep sending her recipes as I come across them), I included a lot of blank pages with this lead-in.

The spine didn't turn out quite how I'd looked a little Charlie Brown-ish...

...but I liked it.  It put the final touch on my bee-centric gift, and I think it will look neat on her bookshelf of cookbooks.  Happy Mother's Day!

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