first date #3: my fling with the local

(This is a long overdue story about my last first date...a fling, if you will. It just took me a while to condense my ridiculous giddy amusement into a reader-friendly tale. Enjoy.)

Some girls? They meet guys in the grocery store, at the library, at the gym…guys who live down the street or across town. Me? I meet guys at clubs and events…guys who live in whole other states. Such was the case while I was on vacation in New Orleans back in August, where I met a guy on the dance floor of Bourbon Street Blues Company. Right away, I was seriously attracted to him – extremely tall (6’6” tall!), very handsome, and quite the charmer…not afraid to show off his dance skills but also willing to just enjoy the music. We had so much fun, literally dancing the night away, not leaving the club until 6 in the morning. Only in New Orleans!

As he walked me back to my hotel, I asked what he was doing later in the day, since I was staying one more night on my own. When he realized that I didn’t have plans, we exchanged numbers, agreed to talk later in the afternoon to figure something out, and kissed goodnight. Now I’ll admit…we’d both been drinking, and I was curious if he’d still want to hang out after he’d gotten some sleep. Nonetheless, it was still pretty cute when he called not once but twice during his cab ride home to say hi and find out when we’d get to hang out. Some might call it overkill…but me? I found it adorable.

Fast forward to later that afternoon. He met me at my hotel and we headed out to find dinner. Which was entertaining, because he’d just moved to New Orleans (from Houston!) about a week earlier. So neither one of us knew where to go. But it actually made the whole evening more fun, because it led to lots of walking, which led to lots of talking. And that was definitely one of the best parts of this date…the talking. We talked about so many different things, and so comfortably…there was sarcasm, laughing, cracking jokes…but also conversations that were a little more serious – grad school, family, Greek life. I loved that combination of feeling like I was being myself around him and of feeling like he enjoyed that for what it was. Had a really fabulous time hanging out with him both around the French Quarter and at the hotel, and was definitely sad to see the evening end. This guy was hands-down wonderful…even if he does live in New Orleans, hundreds of miles away.

And yes, we exchanged a couple of messages in the days right after…and yes, I might see him when I’m there in December…but more than anything, what made this guy and this date so awesome (and me so giddy) was the realization that the “type of guy” I’m looking for isn’t as unrealistic or abstract as it sometimes feels. I really struggle to find guys who not only appreciate my wit and sarcasm, but also have some of that in their own personality…who know that the best time together isn’t all serious or all silly, but a smooth blend of both…who are multi-dimensional and appealing on so many different levels. This guy fit the bill in so many ways! To know there could be other guys out there like my New Orleans boy…well, that makes me feel just a little more confident that “my guy” is really out there.

I just might have to hit up a few more clubs in a few more towns to find him.

Where I am: Lebanon, KY


Karen said…
Oh my god, you picture tease. Just your eyes? Seriously? Where is the rest of this hot boy? If he is such a specimine show him off! Share the love. Let us gawk with you or you know...on your behalf.

I'm glad you found someone who makes your heart race. Good luck!
Miss B said…
I second that ;)
Corey said…
hmmm...quite the good night kiss...and pictures, even? ;-)

Oh, by the way, I'm a bad friend...happy belated birthday!
Adri said…
oh! you sneaky sneaky! ;)
Amity said…
That is a great feeling. Thanks for restoring my hope, too. :)
Baxter said…
So, if your guy happens to be hanging out with "my guy," let me know! Maybe they're somewhere in Chicago :-)

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