this week was good because of...

...a midnight showing with Wildcat Guy and friends.

...the first teaser for the last installment of another popular movie series.

...dessert at one of our favorite places. (I am totally hooked on the pomegranate!)

...a day of scrapbooking and relaxing.

...a sweet card (with the perfect envelope liner!) from my love on our two-year dating anniversary.

...hearing an old favorite song (after a friend posted it on Facebook). interesting and insightful article about a celebrity who always seems so...distant.

...watching Gru chase his tail on multiple occasions Saturday afternoon.

...a good (and relatively simple) plan B for student staff changes.

...a Southern snack classic from the gift basket Catt made me.

...a wonderful "catching up and how's life?" conversation with a former student who visited.

...enjoying my favorite Girl Scout cookie.

...the newest trailer for a movie I'm very much looking forward to seeing.

...finding old maps (that I apparently tore out from a phone book?) from a trip I took in 2006, in the inner pocket of a jacket. Obviously it's been a while since I wore the jacket - which is why I was going through the pockets, so I could donate it.

...a sigh of relief that the color I'm hoping to use for bridesmaids' dresses is considered "universally flattering."

...being awake and ready to go super early on Tuesday morning. Darn meetings!

...the small bit of courage to ask a hotel for a lower rate for a conference we're working on - and receiving it.

...getting the first draft of the conference bid proposal done. (Now if only I could get some feedback from my fellow committee members...)

...Philly cheesesteak pizza - simple and pretty light, as far as pizzas go. absolutely hilarious comment by a student giving a committee report that goes something like this: "We don't even have to meet to get s*@# done."

...colorful, enormous gerbera daisies at the store.

...a great performance on my favorite late-night show by an artist I hadn't heard of.

...Gru's delight in the open windows.

...putting my winter shoes away and bringing out my spring and summer shoes.

...tart, deep red organic strawberries.

...a sweet comment from a colleague who said that looking through an online photo album and reading its captions was "like reading a story."

...the amusement of living in a state so consumed by college basketball that they keep track of anniversaries of major losses.

...progress in the wedding-planning world.

...receiving the orders I'd placed for a scoop and some delicious cooking sauces and mix.

...a beautiful, inspiring concert by one of the campus music ensembles.

What made your week good?

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Catt Larson said…
soooo, what wedding planning progress has been made?!?

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