another scrapbooking saturday

Technically speaking, this Saturday wasn't a completely free day. I'm on call this weekend, and so there's always the chance that my help or presence will be requested if something happens. However, as I learned last month, scrapbooking is a great way to spend a Saturday when I'm on call. If the phone rings, I can drop what I'm doing without a concern...but if it doesn't (as was the case again today), I can get a lot accomplished!

Finally! I'd had this page assembled for what seems like forever, and all it needed was the journaling. Today, I sat down and wrote. That's one more page in my 07-08 album done. Yay!

I also did the 2010 version of my annual "Christmas photos from friends and family" spread. Working on these pages amused me for a couple of reasons. First, I used to have lots of empty space to put card clippings, stickers and such; but with the explosive increase in people's use of photo cards, there was just enough room for all of the photos. Looks like I may need to use more than just two pages in the future years.

Then I was amused when I realized that, of all the pictures on these pages, only one of them is from someone who's not a fraternity brother. When I was in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, Catt and I had talked about how many of our close friends are people we met through the fraternity. While the people in these pictures represent a broad range of friends and acquaintances, the pages still underscore the point.

I got a couple of other pages done, as well; but the task I was happiest about was getting some page layouts planned (that, when done, will mean a completely finished album!) and getting some random stuff reorganized and put away. All in all, a productive and relaxing day - and that was just the scrapbooking!

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Catt Larson said…
What a good feeling - reflecting, accomplishing, connecting!

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