because god gave me him

For many months, I’ve admired this beautiful list of prayers, to the point that I decided to craft a list of my own. My prayer list is not as in-depth, nor do I have the Scriptural familiarity to reference specific passages, but it has brought joy to my heart to reflect on the wonderful man that Wildcat Guy is and consider what blessings I wished to pray for him to receive.

And so, in celebration of the second anniversary of the day we decided to date exclusively, I’m delighted to share “Eight Prayers for My Love.” *

For my love and future husband, I pray…

• For courage to be himself and follow God’s will for him.
• For a committed faith that will challenge and support him in all life brings.
• For kindness – that he would always be the kind-hearted man he is now.
• For wisdom and discernment as he makes decisions about his career path.
• For patience when my stubbornness or short temper show themselves.
• For the strength to do the right thing, even in difficult circumstances.
• For gentle compassion to care for those in need of comfort.
• For joy and laughter to fill his days.

And finally, as I pray those things for him, I also pray that God would continue to bless our relationship and keep us focused on His will for our lives.

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What I'm reading: the April issue of Real Simple magazine

* One other thing I greatly appreciated about Jamie's list is the clarification that the blessings she prays for are not necessarily things her husband struggles with…that some of the blessings are more for continued strength or success in a particular area. I echo that sentiment for my own list.


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