this week was good because of...

...ending the week feeling good about the work I accomplished (even if it didn't go quite as I'd planned).

...great planning conversations with my students.

...the opportunity to serve as an adviser to a conference our students are attempting to host. passport arriving in the mail!

...time spent doing some simple housekeeping with Wildcat Guy - I so appreciate his desire to help out around the house where he can.

...homemade chicken rotini soup.

...being able to take care of Wildcat Guy while he was sick.

...celebrating "our Valentine's Day" with my love.

...a great Groupon for an event that I'm very much looking forward to.

...the delightful e-card Mom and Dad sent.

...a helpful reflection on using Pinterest appropriately.

...fondue. Lots and lots of fondue.

...the entertainment provided by our quirky art-student server.

...a sweet little red velvet cupcake from one of my student staff.

...baking for Valentine's Day.

...this beautiful message that one of my student staff put on her bulletin board.

...the surprising compliment of being asked to offer the prayer at an upcoming faculty meeting.

...finding out that one of my favorite Houston restaurants has a franchise location here. What?! Awesome!

...really wonderful, genuine conversation over dinner.

...a partner who enjoys trying new things and embracing life.

...the light flavor of honey-ginger glazed chicken, and the sweetness the glaze brought to the carrots on the side, too.

...frozen vegetables. They make adding veggies to our meals so quick and easy!

...this really wonderful bottled green tea that I found at the local organic store. wi$ely at the grocery stores this week.

...the light snow that we had this afternoon.

...using Sunday to get a lot of different things done.

...having tasty leftovers for lunch on Monday.

...the TV-friendly versions of certain movies that (in my opinion) are better to watch than the DVD. And by better, I mean less raunchy and crude.

...Gru's company while I scrapbooked yesterday and today. (He is growing fond of sitting under my chair while I scrap.)

...recognizing the value of taking a day for myself. Setting chores aside on Saturday to enjoy myself and spend the afternoon scrapbooking was definitely the right choice.

...the easy cheesecake I made for one of my student staff for his birthday.

...finding a thoughtful nugget of perspective that I could agree with in an opinion I otherwise felt was overreacting. (See the very last sentence.)

What made your week good?

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