insist: the ornament

In my discussion, a couple of weeks ago, about this interim phase of life, I mentioned that I had completed a craft. While it's a simple one that I value more for the sentiment than the accomplishment, I thought I'd share it here in the spirit of Christmas!

In October 2016, Wildcat Guy and I celebrated our anniversary with a short trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes area of the western Michigan coast. While wandering a beach in Glen Arbor one day, I decided to collect a few natural trinkets from the sand (as well as some of the sand itself) to place in an empty glass ball ornament that I remembered having at home. Because wouldn't that be a nice souvenir of our trip to display at Christmas?

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that the little baggies holding those trinkets and that sand sat on a counter in our apartment for a year. A year. This is an unfortunate example of just how unbalanced everything was in late 2016 and early 2017, that I not only didn't make the time to assemble this ornament for last Christmas, but then let it continue sitting.

When it came time to pack for our move to Kentucky, I decided that making this ornament was going to be a top priority once I settled into our new place; so I intentionally made sure to include the supplies for this ornament in one of the boxes not destined for storage.

Not surprisingly, I'd collected way too much sand. Just for the heck of it, I almost poured in all the sand I had. Thankfully, common sense kicked in, and I was able to show some creative restraint.

At first, I was a little unsure how I felt about so many of the trinkets being of similar length; but then  I decided not to worry about it. Anyone else who sees this ornament is going to focus on the items themselves - not whether there was variety in their sizing.

The one actual challenge I experienced as I assembled the ornament was a realization that the lid was not leak-proof for contents like sand.

But that, my friends, is why God invented a hot glue gun. All it took was a quick swipe of glue around the mouth of the ornament, and a couple of dots around the base of the hanging loop, and that sand was officially stuck in its new glass home.

Once it was done, I was again embarrassed by how long I'd let this simple little craft project sit...especially considering how easy it was to assemble, and how nicely it turned out. That said, I'm really pleased with it.

We may not have a tree on which to hang it this year, but I know it will look lovely in years to come. For that reason alone, I am grateful to myself for insisting on this ornament being made.


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