insist: make the interim count (part 1)

(my view this morning)

At some point, I hope to share the story of our recent return to Kentucky. For now, though, I wanted to acknowledge that, as of today, I've been back in the Bluegrass for one whole month. Because of the transitional nature of my and Wildcat Guy's current circumstances, and because I am still looking for a job, life right now feels interesting and curious on the best of days, and uncertain and daunting on all the other days.

Yet I am trying my very hardest to make the best of this take advantage of this unexpected gift of not settle in choose relaxing INSIST on intentional moments. Because as scared as I am of how long it's taking to find my next professional opportunity, I'm almost equally scared of what it might feel like to finally be hired, look back on this interim, and wonder, "what the heck did I do with all that time?"

In this first month of my interim, here are some things I'm proud to have accomplished:
  • job applications submitted = 1
  • scrapbook pages made = 20 (!)
  • other crafts completed = 1
  • yoga practiced = 1
  • books read = 8
  • desserts baked = 3
  • dinners made for my family = 7
  • dates with my husband = 3
  • movies at the theater = 2
  • celebrations with family = 3
  • tanks of gas used in my car = 1 
There has also been plenty of laundry, photo organization, time with Mom and Dad, doggy and kitty snuggles, and lots (lots!) of ice cream; and woven throughout everything has been a deep, unquantifiable sense of gratitude and grace. Life looks different than expected right now, and yet it still is good.

It still is good.


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