"love your love the most"

I mentioned on Sunday that, last week, Wildcat Guy and I ordered a new photo mural - from Paper Coterie, which really does have some delightful products. These murals, in particular, are something I find so charming. They are easy to create, and the whole adhesive poster thing is fun (and much easier than hanging frames!).

In fact, the hardest part of creating this particular mural was choosing the title. On our first mural, we used the phrase, "our kind of love," from a song by Lady Antebellum...and looking back, we both remember that one coming pretty easily. This time, though, for the second eighteen months of our relationship, we had to do some research - thinking of songs we liked, looking up the lyrics, finding something that was just right.

And this title? Was definitely "just right." So, in its honor, I present a little list that provides some background to the eighteen different pictures we included in this newest mural:

I love our annual visits to Kelley Farms (2).
I love that we both like movies so much (3).
I love riding in your truck (3).
I love going out to eat with you (4).
I love seeing performances at arenas with you (2).
I love spending time at home with you (2).
I love going on trips with you (5).
I love celebrating birthdays with you (3).

But "I love your love the most."

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: the most recent issue of Time magazine, and Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

(lyrics from Eric Church)


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