grace, personified

Last night, this quote was included in my nightly devotion:

"I am so thankful for friends who demonstrate...
selfless love to me on a daily basis 
so that my life is full and complete, 
filled with grace because of God's love for me."

And as I read it, the people I immediately thought of were those three women I hold most dear in my circle of friends. As I've said before, these women are true blessings, and my life is so much richer with them in it.

Whether it's laughing with me at the latest celebrity antics, listening to me grumble about the horrible customer service that led to us picking a new wedding venue, or sending almost-instantaneous prayers and love when I shared the news of my Grandpa's declining health, they are there - even though the closest of them lives almost three hours away.

And yet the distance has done nothing to diminish our these recent pictures can attest to.

(with Baker Blonde this past weekend)

 (with Faithful Blonde in February)

(with Vintage Blonde in January)

Would it be amazing to live closer to them? Absolutely. I would love to live nearby, close enough to get together on a Saturday to scrapbook, or Wednesday for coffee, or Sunday for a walk. Until that day happens - with any one of them - I know I will continue to travel and make the best of our long-distance friendships. 

Because when you're fortunate enough to have blessings like them in your life, you treasure every moment.

Where I am: home
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Catt Larson said…
What a sweet post. We love you dearly too. Even though my infrequent trips to KY may not show it. You're in my heart every day.

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