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As one of the blondes in the picture above has pointed out a couple of times, I never fulfilled my promise to share more details of the absolutely amazing surprise girls' weekend the three of them planned last fall...partly for lack of time, and partly because I was hard-pressed to capture how much that weekend meant to me.

What I can try to capture in today's moment, though, is how dear these three women are to me.  Of all the people in my circle of friends, these are the three I rely on for encouragement in difficult moments and celebrate with in happy moments.  Their friendships are genuine blessings in my life.

Now if only I could think of good nicknames for them.  (All three of them have "complained" about the fact that I don't use fun nicknames for them the way I do for Wildcat Guy.)  To be honest, it's hard because they are ridiculously similar in so many ways.  They are all tall, skinny blondes whom I met as Brothers in our (coed) fraternity.  They all married tall, skinny brown-haired men who have degrees and careers in engineering of some kind.  Seriously.

"Scrapbook Blonde" doesn't work, since all three of them are scrapbookers.  "Mama Blonde" doesn't work, either, since two of them are moms (plus one of them doesn't like the word "mama").  "Crafty Blonde" is is "Planner Blonde."

But after some reflection and thought, I finally came up with nicknames that, while not fully exclusive, are more specific in which friend it applies to.  From left to right, I'm happy to introduce Vintage Blonde, Baker Blonde and Faithful Blonde.  (Now I just have to remember to use them!)

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Catt Larson said…
My favorite post in a long time! So... does this mean you won't be doing a detailed post about that awesome surprise weekend in October?
Lee said…
I knew you'd like it...and I'm glad you like your nickname. =)

Aaannnd...I still hope to do a detailed post about the surprise weekend...hopefully, over the summer, when I have some time to put into writing (typing?) all of my thoughts and reflections from that weekend. (Hoping to use the summer to get in a smoother blog rhythm)

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