torn out: from coastal living

(In the midst of a truly wintery week, weather-wise, it was a lovely mental escape to read through the latest issue of Coastal Living magazine!)

 (I've seen lots of floor-based accordion racks for clothes-drying, and lots of clothesline-type wall units - but this wall-mounted accordion unit is super nice...and I liked that it has a shelf on top and hooks on bottom for some non-drying functionality.)

(This was an interesting feature on one of my favorite authors.)

(I don't know if this swimsuit style would look good on my figure...but I want to try.)
 (Wildcat Guy and I both want to visit Alaska...we might have to take this idea into consideration. Hmmm...I wonder if Mickey - or better, Winnie the Pooh - actually come along?)

 (Ahhhh. This looks absolutely delightful. Now if only I could afford the plane ticket to the Maldives, life would be grand.)

(This was a helpful Q&A for crab that I will definitely be putting in my cookbook!)

 (You wouldn't expect a coastal lifestyle magazine to have a recipe feature on pizzas - but there it was...and yum, do these pizzas sound good! In fact, the Thai chicken pizza we made yesterday was from this very article.)

Source: the February 2013 issue of Coastal Living

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