this week was good because of...

...beautiful bouquets of tulips at the grocery store this afternoon (including these purple ones that Wildcat Guy bought for me).

...a kind, encouraging card from one of my staff.

...Gru's adventure roaming freely in the (parked!) truck.

...a good diagnosis from the vet during his four-week follow-up.

...watching the inauguration during my lunch break.

...the messages of hope, support and collaborative spirit that I saw throughout social media on Monday - especially from those in my various circles who are more conservative (and/or more Republican than our continuing President).

...a lovely handmade card from the local fair trade store (because if I didn't have a chance to make a birthday card for Mama Bear, the substitute had to be unique!).

...getting lots of tasks accomplished for an upcoming conference being held on campus.

...Wildcat Guy telling me I looked beautiful - even if I was wearing red. (From him, that's huge!)

...lots of satisfying scrapbooking.

...a new recipe for Thai chicken pizza (with flavors that were much better blended than the last recipe we tried).

...watching a movie that was good, but indeed flawed. (I agree with the problems the critics had.)

...the opportunity to annoy Wildcat Guy with my awesome Wheel of Fortune skills. (Yep - I solved this puzzle with just those letters showing.)

...laughter with colleagues...and a little bit of venting.

...plenty of snuggle time with Gru (who apparently likes Pinterest).

...a documentary about the first video of a giant squid.

...a yummy cup of hot chocolate from a local cafe (which came with a chocolate chip cookie and only cost $1!).

...finding out where my favorite frozen-potato company gets its name. Who knew?!

...creative ways to use leftovers and random foods to make meals (v. eating out so much).

...trying something new at Olive Garden (steak medallions with a gorgonzola-alfredo sauce).

...using an "8 ounces free" coupon at our favorite frozen yogurt shop.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished the most recent issue of Time magazine


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