two-page tuesday: december daily 2011

Tonight, my cold hit its peak...or perhaps, I should say its trench.  Whatever direction it was going, it certainly left me feeling completely disinterested in scrapbooking.  The only thing I was capable of tonight was curling up on the couch to watch TV and rest.  But with December Daily 2012 about to start, this seemed like a great time to share the final product of December Daily 2011, which I finished up a couple of weeks ago.

 (the front cover - made, like the back cover, from the chipboard from the back of a couple of legal pads I'd finished with)

(This was the basket o' stuff that I'd had sitting on the shelf for quite a I have to admit, it felt really good to finally put it all together.)
(Some of the photos and stuff were date-specific...others weren't.  So I used my kitchen counter to lay it all out and decide how best to arrange all the pieces.)
(the first two pages - including the first of the very simple date labels that I made in Word)

(My absolute favorite part of an album like this is the layering...big pages, little pages, wide pages, narrow all works.)
(I also like the way that, on some days, it's not about the holidays at all.  And that is o-kay.)
(A couple of fold-out pages added some further dimension...and I had fun turning the Honey-Baked Ham instruction sheet into a scrapbook page.)
(Some of my most-liked pictures in this album are the macro ones...because sometimes, the joy and memories are in the small details.)

(Of course, I had to include Gru in this holiday memoir.)
(Everyone always wonders why I take such care unwrapping presents...but of course, it's so I can use the paper later!)
(the last two pages of an album that I was so happy with)
(There were a lot of pages stacked together...)
(...but I still had to find some smaller rings than what I'd thought would be needed.)
(December Daily 2011 is finally in the book - literally! 2012, let's do this. And yes, that's my 2012 album lurking in the background there, courtesy of this amazing talent.)

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