grateful - a reflection

Twelve things we're grateful for in 2012...
the love we share, our families, faith & guidance, jobs that provide, direction in life, good health, a circle of friends, strong values, fun experiences, common interests, laughter, our kitty Gru

Last year, Wildcat Guy and I began the tradition of taking a moment on Thanksgiving to record what we're thankful for.  It was a simple affair, using plain pieces of cardstock that I had trimmed (seen here). And that was my plan for this year, too.  Until I saw this lovely piece of art on one of my favorite blogs...and immediately, I knew I wanted to use that instead.

Except that, with only a black ink cartridge in my printer, I couldn't get it to print well.  No matter how I played with the contrast, it printed very grey - so grey that I just couldn't envision it looking pretty - either with written entries or in my scrapbook.

Then I had the idea to do some coloring - because let's be honest.  Who doesn't still love a good moment of coloring?  Especially when it's to bring color to such a lovely drawing!

There.  The brown, tan and forest green give this the personality it deserves - maybe more colorful than the artist intended, but such are the compromises that come with making do.  In the end, I look at it and know I will always appreciate this beautiful mechanism for reflection.

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