two-page tuesday: thankful

Tonight, I decided to do my scrapbooking in the living room.  I try not to, because it means lots of going back and forth to the guest room where my supplies are...

...but since I missed the first presidential debate a couple of weeks ago, I didn't want to miss this one.  So I scrapbooked and listened (sometimes incredulously) at the same time.

I may have also taken a break when I hit a slight creative block for some chocolate cake and the last bit of vanilla bean ice cream (eaten straight from the container to save a bowl).

Where I'd gotten stuck was the title.  The green alphabet stickers I'd planned to use ended up being the wrong shade...then the brown stickers I had were too dark...then the yellows and tans I had didn't have all the right letters.  So I colored my own.

I was excited to use the Thanksgiving stickers I ordered a while ago from Creative Memories.  In fact, I picked the stickers before I picked the paper - then I was happy to realize I had paper in my collection to go with them

Over the course of the night, I actually completed three pages - in fact, it was a three-page spread of Thanksgiving 2011.

And even though I got really stuck on it (or perhaps because I got so stuck on it), I was very pleased with how the title banner turned out.

The second and third pages turned out nicely, too - a great summary of our two-day, two-family Thanksgiving celebration last year. I'm off to clean up the living room and put everything back in the guest room where it belongs.

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What I'm reading: the most recent issue of Time magazine


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