spook-tacular fun!

So those cards I was going to make on Tuesday??  Today, I got to make them (!) during a lovely late-morning/early-afternoon scrapbooking session with Faithful Blonde.

I started by sorting through the box of die-cuts. Mom had given this pack to me last year, and at first, I wasn't sure about them.  But the more I looked through them, the more I liked them and felt confident I could do something fun with them.

I was also excited that all of the paper I used came from my "home supply" - with the patterned sheets from a pack of Creative Memories Halloween paper that Faithful Blonde had given me a couple of years ago, and the solid sheets from my folder of cardstock that I keep on hand.  It was quirkily rewarding to successfully match up products from different lines!

And yes - light purple can be a Halloween color.

I even used some common sense to create a better accent (on the bottom) out of two individual accents (on the top).  Much better!

A few hours, lots of good conversation with Faithful Blonde, and twelve cards later, I surveyed my work and liked what I saw:


Hopefully, everyone who's receiving one will like them, too.

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