two-page tuesday: off on a tangent

Tonight's craftiness was supposed to involve Halloween cards.  Then it took me forever to find the stack of Halloween papers I wanted to use. (Never mind that, after looking unsuccessfully in every possible location for them, they ended up being in the one place I'd specifically thought I hadn't put them in.  Go figure!)

But I still had time to get the cards - a combination of patterned paper from Creative Memories and awesome glittery Halloween die-cuts from K&Company - made, if I'd wanted.

However, with my brain still reeling from the unnecessarily long search for those papers, it shifted out of "creative, let's make something" mode into "focused, let's organize something" mode.  So I went with it...pulling out stacks of newspapers, menus, tickets and other ephemera I've been saving up for the pages in my chronological albums (on which I'm hilariously behind, of course)... reorganize and neaten everything up, which included making "tables of content" for each stack (which I keep divided by semester for easy sorting).  My thought is that this will make it easier to look quickly to see if I have any "stuff" that needs to be included on the pages with the photos (v. my previous approach, which was to just dig through the stack each time I made a page).

And of course, Gru wanted to keep me company.  "What??  Were you wanting to put the stack of stuff under my belly back in the box??"

In the end, even though I didn't get any cards made, I ended up with two and a half boxes of organized goodness that - should I ever have hopes of catching up - will make the job much easier. So that's progress...even if there's not much to show for it.

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