this week was good because of...

...delicious homemade chocolate chip seashell muffins to eat on the morning drive to the local scrapbook store (and by homemade, I mean made from a mix).

...a relaxing, productive day of scrapbooking.

...getting the air conditioning in my truck fixed just in time for the hottest temperatures of the year.

...the wi$e restraint I showed at Target - I barely bought anything at all! absolutely wonderful reflection about lessons learned through life's experiences.  Her advice about shoes in the club?  Fantastic.  And her suggestion for a not-as-great-as-expected restaurant outing?  Spot on.

...the last entries in a very full journal (which I started writing and working in September 2010).

...finding a creative solution to keep Wildcat Guy's night class from interfering too much with one of "our" nights during the week. unexpected addendum to my online dating experience.  (Definitely more on that this week!)

...making the very difficult decision about which new journal to purchase.  (Seriously - for someone as indecisive as I am, the journal section at the bookstore was a challenge.) invitation from colleagues in an office across campus to assist with a big project.

...a pumpkin chocolate-chip muffin from a local coffeeshop in Louisville.

...participating in a professional development workshop that was interesting and informative. entire day without my laptop - no email, no Facebook, no anything.

...Gru's delight in drinking from the shower faucet (and his persistence in asking for this).

...letting myself have a moment (or rather, a period of time) to be completely annoyed by a student.

...a quick, simple go-to dinner made even better with the ease of frozen vegetables.

...not letting an evening thunderstorm deter me from getting some exercise.

...this really inspiring news story about an Olympic athlete.

...a really great, heart-warming movie (with a fun graphic on its disc). annual performance evaluation, including some rewarding compliments from my director about the mentoring I do with my student staffs.

...being a genius!

...a lovely reflection that reminded me that, when you step away from one opportunity, it's a step toward something else (even if you're not quite sure what that something else might be just yet).

...receiving my order from Jo Totes!  Now I just have to decide which bag to keep and which to return...because only one can stay.  (Only one can stay!)

...the opportunity to participate in an orientation discussion for an incoming senior administrator about my division and the work we do.

...seeing him completing exercises in the workbook for our small-group Bible study. in-depth trailer for an animated movie I'm very much looking forward to.

...the hilarious realization that the paper pack I just ordered from Creative Memories (on the left) goes well with the paper pack I purchased a few months back at the local scrapbook store (on the right).  I anticipate some mixing and matching!

...successfully managing a quirky schedule this week.

...surviving the onslaught of cockroaches that I've experienced in the past 24 hours, which began with this sneaky bug crawling out of the small gap around one of my kitchen ceiling lights.

...the recipe for a great solution (literally, I suppose!) for cleaning jewelry without harsher chemicals.  I'm looking forward to trying this out!

...a tasty smores snack mix at a local Amish shop.  Definitely a great idea for an upcoming road trip!

...enjoying my lazy Sunday morning that included poring over this magazine at breakfast.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: an old (July 2009) issue of Smithsonian magazine


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