"documented. good times. happy day."

Even with the wonderful return of Two-Page Tuesdays, I couldn't pass up a crop today at the local scrapbook store.

This might be the lightest I've ever packed for a crop...I can hear Faithful Blonde's grumblings now.

I didn't want to take a ton of stuff to work on, though, and feel disappointed by the feeling of, "I wish I'd gotten more done"...especially because I didn't have layouts pre-drawn for many of these.

But I have to admit, I did get a little bit nervous when I finished two layouts in just an hour (the one above, and one of which was work-related, so I'm not posting it here)...

...and then realized I couldn't finish a third layout because I forgot the "stuff" that went with the pictures (you know, the concert tickets and program and such).  Eek.  Maybe I should have brought more to work on after all. 

Then I got to this layout, which thankfully took more time (in the very best fun, trip-down-memory-lane kind of way).  Yes, these are pictures from five years ago...but that didn't make my laughter any less as I thought about the hilarity and wonderfulness of those three days.  Exhibit #1 - my friend Josh ogling Cinderella.  Yeah, it was that kind of weekend.

The final result looked different from the sketch I'd originally done...but in this case, I think different equaled better.

I was really happy with how this layout turned out, too.  In fact, this was probably my favorite layout of the day...documenting a difficult life moment in a way that feels genuine but graceful.

Also on my to-do list was a congratulations card for Wildcat Guy's brother-in-law, who recently received an Officer of the Year award.  The police officer products were either super-realistic photo-type products or more kid-oriented designs...so I went cute.

Unfortunately, I was not able to stick to my resolution that I would only buy what I needed for the pages I was working on today. I am a huge fan of the antique-y prints and wooden signs that are sold in a lot of stores right now with these types of messages on them, yet haven't figured out where one would fit in my apartment.  So these paper versions seem like a perfect solution - I get the beautiful look of these sentiments, in smaller scrapbook-page versions.

Love, love, love.  For today's time spent scrapbooking, I think the third line from the bottom sums my feelings up nicely - "Documented. Good Times. Happy Day."

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