the trouble with shoes... that there are just so many cute ones, and fun ones, and sexy ones, and fabulous ones.  How's a girl to choose?!

Target doesn't help matters, either.  Their most recent "Color Changes Everything" campaign had me entirely too excited about shoes!  From the first time I saw the commercial on television (look at those shoes 48 seconds in!), I knew it would be hard to resist the temptation.

Which meant it was probably a horrible idea to even let myself walk into the shoe section last Sunday...even if I told myself it was only to look.  Yeah, right.  There were these delightful purple pumps just asking to be tried on...but I was proud of myself for putting them back on the shelf (even though, looking at the picture, I'm also disappointed I passed on these - a classic shape in a fun color - sigh).  I also passed on the leopard-print version of the same shoe - sad.

Then there were these fun platforms in Wildcat Guy's favorite shade of blue...but I was smart enough to recognize that, considering how far we walk from the parking garage to the football stadium, I would never actually wear these to a game...unless I wore flipflops for the "commute."  (What??  That's not too ridiculous of an idea, is it?)

And then, there were these lovely turquoise wedges from the television commercial.  They were sassy and relatively comfortable, in a color I was pretty sure I could coordinate with a number of pieces in my closet.  They were my downfall...the one pair of shoes I couldn't talk myself out of.

They look so great, though (and do, indeed, coordinate with enough pieces in my closet), and were such fun to wear earlier this week, that I can't even feel guilty about succumbing to the temptation!  Oh, the trouble with shoes.

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Catt Larson said…
what a great post!! love the shoes, the ones you bought as well as the ones you left behind (and maybe get at a later date)
Lee said…
Thanks!! It was fun to write, and I'm having fun with the shoes I bought. =)

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