shopping wi$ely for groceries

I should make a disclaimer - in no way do I believe that I am an expert in the area of wi$e shopping for groceries.  I am not an avid or hardcore couponer...there are certain brands I insist on buying...and I am definitely not one who excludes impulse purchases.

That said, there are still things I am proud of in my grocery shopping - habits I have worked purposefully to strengthen and practice.  Paired with an emphasis on eating healthier, it's been interesting to see my grocery shopping change in small ways.

The "fruits and veggies" basket in the shopping cart ends up being much fuller.  And even though I have been trying to buy more whole fruits (like cantalope), because they tend to be less expensive whole than pre-prepared and -packaged, I also give myself a break when there's a super-busy week ahead.  Because, sometimes, it seems wi$er to spend a little bit more for the pre-prepared fruit if it means I'll have a healthier snack in a crazy week.

I buy a lot of beverages - tonight, it was orange juice, milk, almond milk, grape juice, and blueberry pomegranate juice - partly because, if I have these available at home, I can more easily keep myself focused on drinking water during the day at the office.  But partly, I buy multiple containers of one item (i.e. OJ) because it saves me trips to the store just to buy another carton of OJ or milk.  Because it's so much more difficult to "just buy" one thing, right?

Something else I've found myself doing more in the past couple of months is buying the large containers (v. the smaller).  It has not always been my experience that buying a larger jar of mayonnaise or bottle of ketchup is cheaper (per unit, ounce or whatever)...especially if it's something I use very rarely...but recently, whether by price or by sale, buying in greater bulk has ended up being a wi$er choice.  It makes fitting everything into the fridge a little more difficult, but when it's possible, why not?

Something else that I have to be very conscientious of is remembering what's in the fruit and veggie drawers in the fridge.  We've all had those moments of, "oh, I forgot that was in there and now it's gone bad"...but in recent months, those moments have become more and more aggravating.  So I make sure when I buy produce that I know I'll use it within its time.

Interestingly, as I've been shopping more wi$ely and healthily, the amount of items in the cupboard - especially the canned and the more processed foods - has decreased.  Granted, there are certain things I always keep on hand (pasta, mac and cheese, canned tuna); but I have so much less of the canned soups, microwave meals and other things that could sit in the cupboard for ages without spoiling.  That makes me feel better about what I eat!

Again - I am not an expert in this.  I do not get it perfectly right.  Ever.  But as I've mentioned before, every time I shop wi$ely at the grocery store, there is satisfaction in that for me.  Tonight, I saved almost $30 using coupons and sales; and I purchased enough food to provide six dinners for me and Wildcat Guy; numerous breakfasts, lunches and snacks; and even took care of kitty's needs for the month.  That feels good, people!!  (And that's why I continue to try my best to shop wi$ely.)

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Catt Larson said…
i seem to be able to stick to a once a week mini trip and then a bi-monthly big trip to grocery stores. It's exhausting but if I prepare, keep a constant list and cook based off of that list, It works out
Lee said…
I seem to do best with a monthly big trip, and then bi-monthly mini trips...with the very rare quick stop to fill in an unexpected/foreseen need.

And I agree - the preparation and sticking to the list is key!
Catt Larson said…
I usually have to go for milk and bread since we all eat those daily! It's obscene how much milk we can go through - and that is just the girls
Lee said…
I'm sure all the cooking and baking you do has nooooothing to do with the milk consumption...nor would the drinking it straight up. Right? =)

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