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This actually makes a great segue into something I was so proud of today - the wi$dom I felt on my way home from the grocery store.

I am not the best bargain shopper or couponer.  Partly because I lack the motivation to fully delve into those practices, and partly because I'm stubborn about some of the brands and products I buy.  But on days like today, even though I spent a fair amount of money at the grocery store, I can look at what I bought and say, "I did well!"  Shopping trips like today's are the ones that make me realize how much wi$er I've grown over the past year or two when it comes to shopping for groceries.

Because that fair amount of money that I spent?  With it, I purchased ingredients for three different desserts, components for eight different meals for me and Wildcat Guy (which usually include at least one serving of leftovers), a variety of breakfast and lunch foods, an assortment of home and kitchen staples and even a few last treats for Easter.  As I realized on the drive home, my wi$dom at the grocery store creates space in my budget for other priorities (whether those be wants or needs) and enables me to eat better than I would if I spent that money eating out all the time (which has happened in the past).  For someone who hasn't always been the best manager of her money, it's small accomplishments like tonight that feel pretty rewarding!

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What I'm reading: Map of Bones by James Rollins (I am so close to being done!)


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