saturday (and sunday) scrapbooking - yay!

This weekend, I had certain things I knew needed to be done - things like catching up on Foundation work, cleaning the bathroom and washing the last of the dishes. But when I got up Saturday morning, I had this lightbulb moment that everything I needed to get done would fit into Sunday afternoon. Which meant I had a whole day to myself. Well, unless the duty phone rang. Thankfully, it didn't...which meant I got to spend Saturday relaxing and playing.

In addition to planning pages for next weekend's day-long crop, I got a small handful of pages made. Once again, the memories behind the pictures made me laugh.

"[co-worker], why is the phone off the hook?"

"[sleepeybear], that's Jesus on the line."

I know, I know - that makes no sense to anyone else. But I will see that picture in my scrapbook and it will make me laugh. Always.

Scrapbooking also helps me reflect on the behaviors and patterns in my life - and reminds me when I have fallen away from something that brings me joy (like hiking - which I haven't done in months and months and months - bah!).

I was also excited to find a little bit of time Sunday afternoon - after I got all my housework done - to finally use pieces from this lovely paper pack, with its soft colors and pretty designs... make this simple page focused less on the picture and more on the story the picture represents. (The page actually doesn't have all those buttons on it...but I wasn't comfortable posting Wildcat Guy's family name here. Just envision a six-letter last name spelled out in oval-shaped alphabet stickers on the bottom of the looks wonderful!)

And of course, there was my trusted sidekick, keeping an eye on everything from below.

After two weekends in a row committed to work, having the day (and then some) to myself - to indulge in my creativity and craft - was so refreshing and perfect. I'm so thankful for that time.

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