this week was good because of...

...Wildcat Guy's 29th birthday celebration.

...doing my best to spoil him on his special day.

...the crab rangoon roll at Malone's. Yes, I realize it's a steakhouse - but this was hands-down the best thing on my plate.

...the treat of a nicer dinner out from time to time.

...having just enough of my sense of taste back that I could enjoy our meal.

...the satisfaction of watching him open and delight in the gifts I purchased. successful attempt at a layer cake. afternoon to play at my scrapbook table (and make Valentine's Day cards).

...the "Black Tie Optional" color on my toe nails.

...the pedicure-friendly socks that kept my feet warm after my pedicure on a very cold Saturday night.

...relaxing in the massage chair after a somewhat-long Saturday at work.

...a bowl of french onion soup and good conversation with "the girls from the office."

...being pleased with where my budget is for the month.

...winter weather at last! (Don't get me wrong, the mild temps were nice - but a little winter is always nice, too.)

...participating in this reflective project.

...having dinner made by Wildcat Guy.

...his desire to help out when I'm feeling sick, and his willingness to remind me to take it easy (because he knows how difficult that is for me). amazing reflection that really connected with my heart - especially her comment about being short-tempered with loved ones.

...this gorgeous piece of art. (And yes, I think I've found a new blog to delight in.)

...resting with Gru while Wildcat Guy cooked.

...respecting my body's limits while it was ill. (That sick day was exactly what I needed!)

...a (mostly) accurate list of the best Super Bowl commercials from last Sunday.

...cup after cup of homemade chocolate pudding. (And by homemade, I mean from the box, not from scratch.)

...time to work on lots of photo catch-up.

...the all-around adorableness of my fluffy kitty. enjoyable movie that fit its genre perfectly.

...the fun labels on the Cuties clementines I bought for Wildcat Guy.

...a wi$e, well-planned trip to the grocery store.

...good conversations with students - some serious, some fun. (The conversations, not the students.)

What made your week good?

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Catt Larson said…
"my successful attempt at a layer cake" - as in, you have never made one before? How in the world...?!

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