a day in my life - birthday edition

When I heard that one of my favorite scrapbook artists was hosting "A Day in the Life" this week (a variation of her fun "Week in the Life" feature), I knew immediately which day I wanted to document - Friday. Wildcat Guy's birthday. So here's my day - or rather, our day...

8:15 am - good morning! Okay, so maybe the alarm started going off at 7:50, but hitting the snooze button a couple of times is pretty standard around here.

8:42 am - I know, I know - so much sugar in this breakfast of OJ and chocolate pudding. But on the tail end of a wicked cold, this was what sounded good.

8:43 am - pausing for a moment to be thankful for all the clean dishes that Wildcat Guy did the night before.

8:54 am - Time to bake a birthday cake!

~11 am - This was the first day all week I'd done my hair; and the first day since Tuesday that I felt even halfway normal.

11:06 am - I had to document some paint damage a resident left behind. Apparently, someone didn't know how to remove those temporary adhesive strips properly.

11:11 am - Gru couldn't decide whether to be happy I was home for the morning, or annoyed that me being home was interfering with his sleep.

11:21 am - Wildcat Guy was very specific - he wanted a yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting.

So that's what he got - with a few sprinkles on top for fun.

12:39 pm - Lunchtime reading - a little bit of magazine, and a little bit of book.

12:57 pm - After taking Thursday off as a sick day, I was thankful that there wasn't too much "catch up" to do at work.

1:10 pm - Listening to some good music on Pandora made the afternoon go by quickly.

5:26 pm - When I got home from work, I took extra care getting dressed and ready for his birthday dinner.

After being a sick mess for the past two days, it felt wonderful to look pretty for my love, who took such good care of me.

Also fun? Wearing my "new" heels again. I had to make sure I took a picture for my friend Catt, who was not happy about the toe-only view of these heels last time.

5:34 pm - setting out his presents and birthday cake on the counter and realizing that I unintentionally picked sprinkles that match the wrapping paper

Aaaaand right after that, the battery in my point-and-shoot died. Died. D'oh! Thankfully, I was able to pull out my DSLR to use for a little while.

5:39 pm - Hello, birthday boy! I don't think he was expecting to be greeted with a camera - but I don't think he was entirely surprised, either.

Time to open birthday gifts! He seemed to like what I got for him (a movie, a cover for the Nook Color he received for Christmas, and gift card for a nice pair of sunglasses).

5:55 pm - He just couldn't resist having a little piece of cake before we went to dinner.

6:46 pm - Thankfully, my little camera's battery charged just enough that I could take the camera with us to dinner.

7:54 pm - For his birthday dinner, Wildcat Guy chose the same steakhouse we went to last year. (Something about really good steaks?) The spinach and artichoke dip - served with fried lasagna noodles - was also tasty.

10:05 pm - We had a little bit of time between getting home from dinner and him leaving for work. Eating some cake, then relaxing on the couch seemed like a nice option.

10:30 pm - There was no way I was letting him leave all that extra cake at my place, though. I packed up most of it for him to take.

11:42 pm - The rest of the night was pretty low-key for me and kitty. There was some TV, some computer, a few minutes down in the lobby talking with students...and not a lot else.

12:17 am - Another full day draws to a close with my nightly devotional and a text message to my love.

It's always fun to immerse myself in this type of documentation - to make the effort to pay attention to the little details throughout the day - but it was especially fun on this day. His day. Being his birthday, a lot of things probably would have been recorded anyways, but I also like having captured details that represent what this week was like.

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What I'm reading: The Blue Bear by Lynn Schooler


Catt Larson said…
Thanks for the full heels picture. I do love them. Also love getting to spend the day with you while celebrating his birthday. That was fun!

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