this week was good because of...

...seeing my mom interacting with my kitty cat...and being reminded of where my compassion and love for animals comes from.

...a really nice day-trip.

...Gru's interest in the guest bed being pulled out. (Is it sad that this is the first time it's been used since we adopted him last March??)

...having Mom visit for the weekend.

...couches (and so much more) at IKEA.

...finding a budget-friendly balance between want and purchase.

...the interesting reflections this "As-Is" sign prompted for me.

...buying the first of Wildcat Guy's birthday presents.

...opening the bag of potato chips we brought back from Michigan.

...the "stuff box" that I allowed myself as I worked on cleaning out the closets being done - and only half to two-thirds full.

...reminders that caring for a partner takes focused, intentional energy.

...wearing my awesome new heels for the first time this morning.

...our cat-sitter commenting, "I've been missing the fluffy one!" when I asked if she could cat-sit next month.

Link...the intense, delicious flavor of Wildcat Guy's sweet potato pancakes.

...finding simple joy in our Sunday traditions.

...his patience while I take pictures of his food.

...finding out where he wants to take me for Valentine's Day. Wow!

Link...a to-go cup of my favorite hot tea on a chilly, drizzly morning.

...the super-productive Monday on which I got every. single. thing. on my to-do list done. almost-equally productive Friday afternoon that allowed me to be done with work for the weekend when I left the office at 5 pm.

...savoring the last of the holiday cookies.

...the daylight I see when I wake up, and the daylight that's still present when I get home.

...this really funny cartoon in my weekly professional newspaper.

...being a resource for random students.

...a Girls' Night Out at a local winery with some colleagues.

...the best chocolate cake I've had in quite a while.

...not one, but two bouquets of lovely purple tulips from Wildcat Guy, just because.

...the full-length trailer for a movie I'm looking forward to seeing.

...interest in the soundtrack for the movie, after hearing the music in the trailer.

...a fun candy bouquet from Mom. (And don't miss the Hershey's Kisses in the vase!) student staff's patience and understanding when other job responsibilities take priority over my time with them.

...the type of low-key evening that feels regular and normal.

...the first round of hiring decisions for next year's student staff.

...making my bio for the window of the staff office.

...those random little moments of connecting with others.

...finding a chai tea that brews into a chai latte that tastes just how I like it.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: (nothing)


Catt Larson said…
2 things. 1 - How do you take a picture of your great new heels without taking a picture of the actual heel? I need a new perspective please. 2 - was Brett sleeping in that picture?
Lee said…
1. Ooops. It was hard enough getting a picture of the front of the shoes...and it didn't help that I was in a hurry. But really, the heel is a plain black heel. All the goodness is around the toes. =)

2. Yes. Brett was definitely sitting on the couch, arms crossed, head hanging down, 100% asleep. He didn't even know I'd taken that picture until I showed him. =)

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