"the world's smallest ideas"

Mom and I had been talking for many months about taking a day trip up to IKEA; so when I had asked Dad for gift ideas for her birthday and he suggested a girls' day, that seemed like the perfect match!

After an easy drive, we started our IKEA excursion with lunch in the restaurant - because I really like the Swedish meatball plate (complete with lingonberry preserves on the side).

This is the perfect way to describe what I love so much about IKEA's products. Granted, they have lots of the "little stuff" that is more fun than necessity; but their furniture and storage pieces do so well at blending function and simple style.

I hadn't planned on getting a cart, but Mom said we probably should - "just in case." After just ten minutes, it quickly became clear that we'd be going way beyond "just in case."

For the past three and a half years, I've been using a loveseat in my living room from my college's surplus furniture warehouse. It works...but I'd really prefer something a little less institutional-looking and a little more comfortable to sit or lay on. (lie on?) This Kivik loveseat was very appealing, especially with the low armrests. Gru would think the armrests were his own personal shelf, but they would also be much more comfortable for people to lounge across than taller ones.

There was also a really nice leather loveseat with similarly-low armrests. But in a hilarious moment showing just how well my Mom "gets" Wildcat Guy, she reminded me that, as much as I liked the red leather option, he'd never let me have that (being the die-hard UK Wildcat fan that he is). Boo. I guess the black or the brown leather would work just as nicely.

There was something about this shelving unit from the Hemnes line that I liked so much - simple, elegant...and deep enough shelves that my scrapbooks would fit. (All of the shelves that I have now are too shallow, so the spines of my albums stick out a couple of inches.) If only I knew where I could put it in my apartment...

Since I don't really have an office space in my apartment, I do most of my laptop work from the couch. This awesome little fold-up laptop desk would be such a neat solution (and be better for my posture, too)...except for the $69.99 price tag. Definitely going to have to think about this one some more, though.

I always like the look of glass-front cabinets in kitchens. This is definitely on my "some day" list when Wildcat Guy and I have a house of our own.

These wooden artist figurines were scattered throughout the store in the most random places (and poses)! Mom liked them so much that she bought two of them.

And yes - I greatly enjoy the kid's section, too. Who wouldn't find the stuffed broccoli and carrot adorable?? (But my apologies to the carrot, whom I apparently photographed upside-down. Oops.)

Finger puppets! They had such an eclectic, fun collection of finger puppets available. My favorites were the shark (on the far left) and the baker (in the second row, to the right of the turtle).

Recently, I've really wanted a new pillow - so it was a pleasant surprise to remember that IKEA sells pillows (at really low prices, of course!). I bought one of the Gosa Pinje feather pillows...and I'll be trying it out tonight after I've washed and changed the sheets.

Mom's big purchase of the day was for her guest room, where we've been trying to pick colors and decor based on a couple of Icart prints. The dark grey coverlets with pale blush sheets that we found might be just perfect!

Stopping in the little Swedish market is a must! We got some chocolate, some preserves, and some other snacks. We did not purchase any of the crab spread, but that didn't stop us from joking around about the likelihood of Dad eating the spread right out of the tube. (There's a long-standing joke in our family about his tendency to eat decorative frosting that way.)

Four hours later, the cart we got "just in case" was quite amusingly full. I felt pretty good (and pretty wi$e), though, about the items I bought - almost all of which have an immediate purpose (or are being returned for not working out like I had expected).

Even Gru approved of our purchases...well, one in particular, at least. I found this neat little snake - I mean Barnslig - stuffed animal that I thought he'd like; and yay! He started playing with it immediately. Watching him enjoy his new toy was the perfect end to a really fun trip.

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Catt Larson said…
4 hours in Ikea starting with that amazing meal = perfect day! i love that sauce
Lee said…
It was, indeed, perfect!! And as good as the sauce is, I'm equally excited about the lingonberry syrup for drinks. =)

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