this week was good because of...

...watching my friend's doggies and a local farm's piggies check each other out. (See the doggie's muzzle on the right side of the photo?)

...enjoying a walk with my friend and her two dogs.

...the crazy-mild 60-degree weather that we took advantage of this afternoon.

...the last five minutes of an otherwise okay movie. out-of-my-comfort-zone recipe for thai chicken pizza.

...the drama department's gracious offer of one complimentary ticket for each staff person for the next play.

...the Valentine's Day wreath I made to hang next to my door.

...a well-stated commentary on what affects someone's legacy.

...the first week of being really back in the swing of things, responsibility- and schedule-wise.

...a big salad of veggies and a hummus-slathered tortilla for lunch.

...having time on Friday morning to put lunch together.

...good conversations with student staff about plans for this year and next.

...cheering for our campus swim team.

...a delightful Saturday afternoon to myself.

...finishing the trilogy everyone's been talking about.

...breakfast for dinner (even if the waffles didn't turn out as great as I'd hoped).

...a useful and beautiful reflection on having "stuff" in your life.

...snoozing in bed and scratching Gru's fuzzy belly while listening to the wind in the trees outside my bedroom window.

...a big shiny-fabric yellow rose to remind me I'm someone special.

...ordering Girl Scout cookies.

...this really inspiring, visually stunning phrase from our Martin Luther King, Jr. Day speaker: "bending the arc of the universe toward justice."

...using leftover hot dogs to try out the "octopus hot dog" idea I'd seen on Pinterest. (I don't have a link to what I originally saw, but here's another link I found for it.)

...the satisfying creative thrill of hearing a friend say how much she LOVES pictures I took of her house during our visit last month.

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: I Do But I Don't by Kamy Wicoff


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