saturday scrapbooking = awesome

Recently, I've been really wanting to spend some time scrapbooking, but all of my staff and student organization meetings ended up on Tuesday evenings this semester and I hadn't yet figured out what night would be the best replacement for Two-Page Tuesdays. So when I realized that I had absolutely zero plans for this afternoon, I put a yellow post-it note in my planner claiming this afternoon as scrapbooking time. It was fantastic! I got everything accomplished that I had hoped, and then some. Loved it!

But note to self - the next time you buy a new box of photo squares, pay more attention to what you're getting. That way, you don't buy the half-width photo squares (on the left) instead of the full-size ones (on the right) and spend the afternoon struggling with the little ones. (And if there was any doubt about being really in the mood to scrapbook, this was the moment of clarity. Because I could have made a quick trip to the store to get the right photo squares...but I didn't want to stop working.)

This page looks different than how I'd originally envisioned it...but I like how it turned out.

Yes, it's been almost four years since I took these pictures during a trip to Boston. Yes, I just scrapbooked them today, after I made the 2009 layout above. Catt calls it craziness. I prefer to call it making progress.

To be honest, part of the reason it's taken me so long to make these particular pages is because I couldn't find paper that I liked. Until I saw this baseball-patterned paper that was just the right shade of brown to complement the brick in the pictures.

Reading this excerpt of a conversation from the friend I was hanging out with while in Boston, I still laugh at the silliness of it. Which reminded me of why I scrapbook in the first place - to have a creative, visually-appealing record of all the vivid memories I've collected.

Circle punch plus foam tape plus leftover strips of paper = fun, simple accent. Perfect.

Can't find letter stickers in the right color? I just make my own. (And yes, I realize this is exactly why people like the Cricuts and other cutting machines so much...I guess I'm just old-fashioned like that.)

On the flipside of the fun memories my scrapbook pages evoke is the wistfulness of remembering wonderful moments with great people who sadly aren't part of my life anymore, for one reason or another.

Also on the to-do list was a birthday card for Mom, whose birthday is this coming Wednesday. I was very pleased with the collage-ish tag I put together from leftovers on hand from other projects.

But the project I was most excited to work on was the cover set for my December Daily 2011 album. Especially when I decided that it should include roughed-up edges.

On the left is the unsanded corner and on the right is the sanded corner. I haven't rubbed the edges with ink yet, but am so happy I decided to include distressing in this album. It's a technique I enjoy using and I think it will be a nice counterbalance to the more elegant patterns on the paper I'm using.

The outside covers are done! Now all that's left to do is, oh, assemble the whole album!

It was nice, too, to have some time to update my table of contents and reorganize some page plans. I've recently become more comfortable with the idea of documenting only the things I want to, not the things I feel like I have to...which makes it much easier to keep the table of contents (and the backlog of pages to be done) a little more reasonable. Emphasis on the phrase, "a little."

And of course, what would an afternoon of scrapbooking be without my disgruntled kitty to keep me company? For the first couple of hours, he was fast asleep in the living room...but once he realized where I was, he staged a sit-in.

Ahhh. What a perfect afternoon! I've mentioned to my friend Tabitha that I'm hoping to pick one Saturday a month to spend scrapbooking (as a supplement to my still-to-be-determined weeknight efforts), and after seeing how much I got done today (and how rewarding it felt to give myself that time), it's game on!

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Catt Larson said…
I'm impressed with your scrapbooking effort. And yes, it is CRAZY how you scrapbook. I would lose so many things and forget even more.

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