this week was good because of... welcoming and engaging my staff is with Wildcat Guy, and their interest in having him around for staff functions - such as our annual pumpkin carving contest.

...the creativity my students have.

...looking at my dinner plate tonight and enjoying the yin and yang of the "healthy" factor.

...the obvious, but still brilliant decision to use leftover mashed potatoes in shepherd's pie.

...Gru's antics in finding new resting places. (Thankfully, that's the dirty laundry.) early-evening nap to start the weekend when I got home on Friday.

...genuine conversations with students.

...spending a lovely autumn day outside. In the mountains. In western North Carolina.

...getting to relax and enjoy the view on the drive through the mountains. (Typically, I'm the one being on a bus made for some great sight-seeing on a drive I love making.)

...learning about some amazing and innovative sustainability practices at a "sister school" of sorts.

...the ability to recognize when my heart is being silly, and the patience to let my heart experience those moments nonetheless.

...the way a delicious bowl of chocolate frozen yogurt with peanut butter cups makes a long day seem better.

...his ability to make me feel less stressed - by listening when I vent, by giving me a big hug, by simply being there.

...catching the last quarter of my team's game on TV - and seeing them win!

...a couple of hours of journaling, reflecting and connecting dots. dumplings with vanilla ice cream.

...feeling semi-caught up by the end of the week. awesome article about platonic relationships between men and women.

...being able to use an old sticker from my stash.

...a guilty pleasure on Saturday-night TV.

...getting better at turning the TV off.

...assembling treat bags for my student staff.

...a laidback Saturday morning set to new and favorite music.

What made your week good?

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