two-page tuesday: weekend edition

One of the dilemmas in buying sheets of stickers for my scrapbook pages is what to do with the leftovers. Because, inevitably, there are leftovers. And even though I keep them neatly organized in my storage binder, I've been storing (and carting around) some of these stickers for years. The challenge of using leftover stickers becomes even more difficult when the stickers are super-specific - such as the extra University of South Carolina stickers I have from my campus visit as a Region Consultant. Six years ago. What do I do with those??

Tonight, I found my answer! I could never have imagined that I would ever use one of the leftover South Carolina stickers on a scrapbook page about a University of Kentucky football game...but that's exactly what I was able to do. Amazing.

And they say being a packrat doesn't pay off. Bah. (And no - I have no idea how I happened to remember that I even had those stickers tucked neatly away in my storage binder. Let's call it scrapbooker's luck!)

Sadly, I had no similar sticker available for the Western Kentucky game. So I resorted to cutting out the logo from the game program (which you'd be able to see, if not for the unfortunate glare to the top right of the UK wildcat logo).

What's that? You say the two layouts look similar? Well, of course. Because when there are layouts for three different football games to be made (including the Georgia game, which I didn't get to finish tonight), it just made sense to design one layout for all three, especially when I knew that certain elements that would be the same from game to game - such as the ticket, the newspaper headline and the now-traditional self-portrait of me and Wildcat Guy.

I was so happy to sit and scrapbook, even for just the hour and a half that I had...and so pleased with the results!

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Catt Larson said…
Awesome pages! Glad you got them finished up. Love the layout

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