this week was good because of... 33rd birthday!

...feeling loved and spoiled by family and friends.

...wonderful gifts - including a trip to Cuba next summer. Yes, Cuba. A-mazing.

...a Friday birthday made even better by using a comp day to create a three-day weekend.

...being away from campus for two days. Because as much as I love my work, a short getaway was much appreciated.

...a free venti iced chai from my favorite coffee chain.

...birthday treats from the businesses I patronize - the drink, a coupon to the scrapbook store, a free pastry from Panera. I know, I know - it's just good marketing. I still appreciate the gesture.

...treating myself to a two-day crop at the local scrapbook store.

...a very productive two days of creativity, thanks to some pre-crop preparation.

...working through the stack of photos that needed scrapbooking - some of which have been sitting for entirely too long. (Because that date is not the event date - it's the print date.)

...doing a little bit of reorganizing for my supplies.

...a gorgeous sunset on our way to dinner.

...the simple delight of driving somewhere together - of holding hands, laughing and singing along to the radio.

...birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, where the food is tasty, and the decor is lovely.

...remembering to save room for dessert.

...more birthday sweets than I could have imagined.

...a midweek moment of, "life is good today."

...appreciation for the sense of community and team I see amongst my staff.

...baking pumpkin bread for my Grandpa on his birthday. evening with Wildcat Guy and my family.

...wonderful surprises in my mailbox - two postcards and a birthday card.

...a well-facilitated judicial hearing.

...cultivating a solid working relationship with my judicial partner.

...sweater weather.

...snuggling into his king-size bed for the night.

...finishing all the trainings I've been helping with.

...a sweet picture on a dog calendar at the bookstore.

...looking but not buying.

...letting myself enjoy overly fabulous, but quite uncomfortable heels for about thirty seconds. of my favorite worship songs at church this morning.

What made your week good?

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Catt Larson said…
PRINTED in 200? You're killing me. I should stop panicking about my stack from May 2011 (event date, not print date)

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