a very sweet birthday, indeed!

A birthday just isn't a birthday without some kind of delicious dessert, right? And if one is good, then why not two? Or maybe even four?

There was the divine chocolate chip cookie sundae - served in a cute little cast iron skillet - that I had at my birthday dinner tonight. Mmmm. This was possibly the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had - the kind that, when served warm, just melts in your mouth. Then it's topped with creamy vanilla ice cream? Absolutely perfect.

And for the joint celebration of my and my Grandpa's birthdays (his was yesterday), he and Mom picked out these delightful little chocolate cakelets from a local bakery. And the only thing that could make a rich, moist cakelet better? Whipped cream frosting piped on and coated in (of course) more chocolate.

But what absolutely surprised me was the lovely gift my staff members baked for me. When Wildcat Guy and I got home from our celebration with Mom, Dad and Grandpa last night, my student staff presented me with not one -

- but two homemade cakes. One of my students had asked me a few weeks ago what type of birthday cake I liked...but then, when it came time to bake, he couldn't remember what I'd told him. So he decided to make a few different ones - an Italian cream cake, a chocolate cake with blackberries, and an apple spice cake. (Sadly, I never saw the apple spice cake...but that's what happens when a lobby full of college students are hanging out for four hours, waiting for my return.) That's right - he and others baked, iced and decorated three different cakes. From scratch. For me. I was so touched by the thoughtfulness.

Yum! Such perfect treats to celebrate 33.

Where I am: Wildcat Guy's apartment


Catt Larson said…
An entire post with nothing but food pictures!? I rest my case

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