having a moment

Last night, I had a moment. One of those moments that, even in the midst of it, I recognized was ridiculous and overblown and exaggerated. Which made me feel even worse about having the moment at all. Because if I'm going to have a moment, shouldn't it be over something significant and worthy of the fuss? Yet there was this little voice in my head saying, "Just let it out. Let yourself cry a little and stew in emotion and be petty. Let yourself feel this, so you can work through it and move on." So I did. I cried and fussed and indulged my selfish jealousy. And then I was done.

But I still felt a little silly, for having that moment at all. Until I read the Daily Om reflection over lunch, and remembered that moments like that are okay. So now, today, I am thankful for the kind words and comforting perspective that reflection offered - as if Someone knew I needed just a little bit of affirmation and encouragement after a difficult night.

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Good on you for going with the moment and allowing it to be just that.
Those DailyOM affirmations can be uncannily accurate, no?
Lee said…
I am such a fan of the DailyOM reflections! Some days, the words are helpful wisdom to file away...but then, other days, it is the smack-upside-the-head that I need in that moment. I also appreciate the contemplativeness of them - it seems like they're written in a way that's open for all faiths (or non-faiths). I always look forward to reading them. =)

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