this week was good because of...

...spending time on the lawn this afternoon.

...a beautiful (beautiful!!) and inspiring song at church this morning.

...his help with random tasks around my apartment.

...easing into the weekend with time spent reading and chatting on the lawn with Wildcat Guy.

...conversations about random wedding stuff with Wildcat Guy's mom on Friday.

...bell peppers stuffed with sausage and potatoes.

...a mutual interest in making healthier food choices.

...finding some great new alternatives to try for lunch and leftover containers. first Tupperware party. Which was fun, but will also probably be my last.

...the perfect accent tray for Wildcat Guy's bathroom stuff.

...glimpses of what our life together is going to be.

...trying a new meat alternative.

...a care package of goodies from Mom and Dad.

...dinner with Mom at our favorite local Japanese place.

...hearing her talk about the awesome community of fiber crafters that she's part of.

...the excitement of trying out the cupcake bakery in Lexington (even after realizing it's a franchise of a national chain).

...delicious flavors! (clockwise from top right - midnight magic chocolate chip, champagne, lemon icebox and strawberry shortcake)

...a funky pair of black sandals. On clearance.

...a successful shopping day full of great deals and good wi$dom.

...trying a new local place.

...thoughtful, future-oriented conversations about tough subjects (like faith and raising children) over dinner.

...seeing Gru in the window on my walk home.

...the sweet pleasure of Wildcat Guy referring to me and Gru as "my family."

...savoring the last of the delicious drink syrup from last year's trip to Biltmore.

...a good first round of interviews for vacancies in my department.

...sorting out the jellybeans.

...the Hallmark DreamBook. So crazy early, but super fun! exciting, progressive conversation with a mentor about ideas for our department's work.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel


OH Joneses said…
you should really try Don Lee Farms Veggie Burgers... they are SOO yummy. Proud of you for giving the meatless meatballs a try :)
Hope the tough conversation of the future ended as you would have liked it to have-- hugs to you!
Lee said…
Thanks for the suggestion! I was surprised by how much I actually liked the meatballs - I'm not a mushroom person, but these were delicious in tomato sauce and had a good texture to them. (We'd tried meatless crumbles for soft tacos a few weeks earlier, and the texture was too different to not be noticeable.)

And the tough conversation? Wasn't really one that needed a specific resolution...more like he and I comparing views on various points, and figuring out where we do and don't match. I really appreciate that he and I can have those conversations intensely, but respectfully! =)

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