thinking about the past of my path

I always find it interesting to reflect on the path my life has taken, and to consider how much the path has resembled or conflicted with the direction I'd intended along the way. So this weekend, when I realized that it's been five years since my life's path hit an unexpected and painful detour, I couldn't help but marvel at the adventures and experiences that detour took me through.

I've now spent as many adult years without him as I spent with him. I've moved twice, first to Pennsylvania (not my choice) and then to Kentucky (my totally unexpected choice). I've had two very different professional opportunities before settling into the immensely rewarding position I hold now. I've traveled around the country, sharing laughter with friends and building scrapbooks full of memories. I've grown in my personal faith, and I've renewed confidence in my own being. Most importantly, I've seen my heart heal from intense heartbreak, rejuvenate with some fun (and interesting) dating moments, and find a new type of real love.

Did I ever imagine, five years ago, that this is where my path would lead? No way. And yet where I am, is right where I want to be.


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