worth the wait

Back in September, I got pretty aggravated that a couple of movies I wanted to see weren't playing in Kentucky. About a month later, they finally arrived at the art- and independent-films theater in Lexington. By then, I ended up seeing one of them - Into the Wild - while in North Carolina. And then yesterday, while doing some shopping in the big ol' city of Lexington, I got to see Across the Universe. At last. It's a good movie...nothing spectacular in terms of plot, but I'm definitely glad I watched it on a theater screen. The visuals are fabulous. Although it probably would have helped if I was a little more familiar with the songs of The Beatles. I mean, I know a lot of the choruses and even more titles, but I realized in the middle of the movie that knowing full songs could possibly make a movie based on those songs just a bit better. Overall, I liked it and was pleased that a couple of scenes were done so well as to give me chills - like the absolutely beautiful version of "Let It Be." So if you haven't seen it yet and have the chance to do so, you should.

And while we're talking about being worth the wait, I thought I'd share some scrapbooking that I'm super proud of! It's a mini-album that I've made over the past month from a kit by the uber-talented Kristina Contes, and it came out even better than I could have hoped for. Please enjoy!

Where I am: Lebanon, KY
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