things i learned in chicago

I could tell you story after story about my trip to Chicago last weekend...I could do a well-written summary of the weekend's events...but Karen, Dan and Adrianne have done such a nice job in that regard that you should visit them here, here and here. Oh, and here...if only because everyone should get to enjoy (ahem-laugh at) our exaggeratedly-amused moment of dining.

What I'd like to do is share the six most important things I learned (or was reminded of) during my time in Chicago...

1. Some jokes never die. Ever. Especially after you've shared them on your blog. Allowing a joke to die is even more difficult when you're visiting an area where the subjects of said joke are all around you. Thanks to Karen for giving the joke a second life, and to Chris and Baxter for reviving the joke in her absence.

2. Public transportation in a city is awesome. Even better - neither riding buses nor catching cabs is as difficult as I thought. It helps when you have someone like Adrianne, who can share her expertise and wisdom.

3. With the right group of people, everything (and I mean everything) becomes inappropriate. This, however, makes things simpler. It means you never have to ask yourself, "would it be inappropriate to say this?"...because the answer will always be "no." Love that Baxter (and by the end of the weekend, the rest of us) was so willing to keep track of our many colorful remarks.

4. Boys in the Windy City are good-looking...very good-looking. It doesn't matter where you are - at a hockey game, on a train, at a bar - there will be plenty of handsome guys to ogle, flirt with and just possibly catch cabs with.

5. The only thing better than taking silly photos is friends who willingly participate in the taking of said photos.

6. Brotherhood is not defined by the frequency with which you talk or hang out with someone, but by the ease and familiarity with which you're able to spend time with them.

Such a fun much sightseeing and laughter and friendship packed into three days. Can't wait to do it again...somewhere, sometime.


Adri said…
yay photos!
Baxter said…
Thank you for not saying what I was doing in that picture by the pool table... ;-)

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