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Now that I've finally recovered from all the excitement of my friend Catt's wedding last weekend and have no further bridesmaid tasks to accomplish, I can return to a quieter life. (Truly, it was a full weekend of celebration and can definitely go in the books as the funnest wedding I've been to to date.)

But I do have one small request for my unmarried friends in the audience who might in the future consider inviting me to be a bridesmaid in their as-yet unplanned weddings...do not, under any circumstances, pair me with the cute groomsman you've been telling me about (no, raving about) for over a year. Please. I'm begging you. Because once I spend all that time hanging out with him during the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and the reception, I'm gonna realize that you were right...he is a cool guy...and just possibly end up with a bit of a crush.

Alright. Now that we have that settled, I thought I'd share what a quieter life has looked like this week...

~ the packing has begun in earnest. Boxes are officially scattered throughout the house, and the process of what gets packed with what is underway. To make it even more interesting, some things are being packed for me to take to my parents' house, while others are being packed for storage. It's hard trying to decide what I will or won't want in the months ahead, especially since I don't know how many months I might be at home. Eek.

~ Harry Potter 5 is a great movie (and a perfect way to prepare for book #7 coming out on Saturday!)! Karen does a much better job reviewing it than I could...but I was mostly pleased with the screenwriters' adaptation. That, and wow...Daniel Radcliffe's getting pretty good-looking. I know, I know - he's just turning 18. But seriously...whew!

~ Did I mention that I finally saw "Ratatouille" as well? I did, and it was fabulous!

~ As the picture shows, sunflower season is here! I'm super excited that the field I fell in love with last summer is blooming a few weeks earlier this summer...not only will I get to enjoy the view for a bit before I move, but it means Mom gets to see them when she and Dad are here next week. Since she's the one who first noticed the field last summer (but before the flowers had bloomed), I love that she'll see some yellow amongst the green this year.

~ The best way to gain back the three pounds you mysteriously lose during a four-day trip of no exercise and overwhelming amounts of good food? Baking a batch of oatmeal caramel chocolate bars. (Hey, it was use up the ingredients or have to pack them...why let all that goodness sit in a box??) Unfortunately, it's been forever since I made these yummy treats, so they taste even better than I remember. Sigh. I think I can be good and not eat too many at one time...I think I can, I think I can.

~ Lastly, I made another mix CD, that I'm totally enjoying rocking out to! It's a fabulous combination of old and relatively new...from The Bangles to Tim McGraw to Kate Havnevik...and yes, a copy is in the mail for you, Baxter. I'll be sure to pull the play list together and post it for everyone's entertainment (or amusement).

Yes, life in a post-bridesmaid world is good.

Where I am: Pennsylvania
What I'm reading: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (gotta review before #7 arrives!)


Amity said…
And what's wrong with having a crush??
Dan said…
It's alright, Hermione's growing up well too. It's perfectly harmless.
Baxter said…
I have to say, I've now been a bridesmaid three times, caught four bouquets, been to too many weddings to count (eight just last year and I know of eight I'll be or have been invited to this year), and there's always the cute groomsman. It's inevitable. And when I'm a bridesmaid I never get paired with him.

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